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If a condom is used correctly, it shouldn't snap, no matter how active your session is. Condom rupture can result from the following: storing your condoms in a hot place, like a glove compartment; using one that is past its expiration date; accidentally ripping it with your teeth or fingernails while opening the wrapper; and using the same condom more than once. You're right to be leaving space at the top to collect his little swimmers. If you don't, you're actually creating a balloon that is bound to pop. The trick to leaving enough room: Pinch the tip of the condom between two fingers with one hand as you place it on the head of his penis, and continue holding on to it as you roll the rubber down over his shaft with your other hand. Lack of lubrication is another common culprit. Add a water-based lube to the outside of the condom whenever you experience down-there dryness. And remember, any food, lotion or product that's oil-based will cause latex to wear thin and eventually go kaput. It's also possible that your condoms are not the right match for your man's member. Most are made to fit guys who are within the average range when erect (about four to seven inches). If the type you usually use does not cover his entire shaft, or if he complains that it feels too snug, try prophylactics specifically made for well-endowed men. By taking all the previous precautions, your condoms should stop breaking. But, if it does happen again, be sure to stop and put on a new one before you get back to getting it on. And, since this situation can put you both at risk for STDs (unless you and your guy are monogamous and have already tested negative for all diseases), visit your health-care provider for a thorough screening.

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What falls but never break and break but never fall?

condoms condoms

Do condoms break in water?

no condoms do not break in water, instead, water is considered to be a good lubricant to use with a condom

Can you get a girl pregnant by using 2 condoms?

yes. because the condoms will break its like you and your boyfriend both wearing condoms they will rub against each other and break

What percent of condoms break?


What will happen if the condoms break?

you have a baby

How effective is condoms?

Condoms can be used to help not get pregnant or get a STD they are very effective as long as they do not break they may break from time to time

Can Durex condoms break easily?

I had 2 of them break in the last week. I'll never buy these again! I am another guy claiming breakage from Durex condoms... I also had two Durex condoms break in the last 10 days. The one I used in between did not break...big whoopie...I will never buy Durex condoms again. Trojan's only 4 me!

Why do condoms break?

Because they are latex. Not steel.

Do condoms spread aids?

Only if they break. Or you eat them

Do condoms break?

Yes - especially if they're defective.

What are the dangers of male condoms?

Could break and get her prgnat

What percent of condoms break during sex?

Condoms are usually rated as being about 98% effective, with the last 2% covering both condoms with leaks (rare) and condoms breaking during the act.

Are condoms breakable?

yes, condoms can break which is why you should use them with other birth control methods and store them properly

Is wearing 2 condoms safer?

Yes. answer in a way but the two condoms could rub together and then they could break leaving you unprotected

If you used 3 condoms will you get pregnant?

Using multiple condoms is less safe than using 1. they are more likely to break.

Are condoms still good after expiration date?

noAnswer:Over time condoms lose strength and flexibility, and are more likely to break or leak.

How often do latex condoms break?


What are the failed international brands?

durex condoms they break when in hardcore anal

Does Vaseline break condoms?

Most condoms are made from latex rubber which is not resistant to petroleum products. Vaseline is a petroleum product and will damage the condom Use a waterbased personal lubricant with condoms unless instructed to do otherwise.

Would condoms break or slip off during sex?

It has been known to happen

Do Trojan condoms break easy?

They shouldn't unless they're past the expiration date.

Does doubling condoms help prevent pregnancy?

No! In fact the friction between the two condoms causes them to weaken and makes them more likely to break and the chances of pregnancy higher.

Can you use 2 condoms?

You can but you shouldn't. They will then rub against each other and are more likely to break then.

Are Condoms are 100 percent effective in preventing STD and pregnancy?

Unless they break during intercourse.

Is it bad to keep condoms in a leather wallet?

Yes, they could get damp and could break when you had sex.