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The still stay on your credit report the normal length of time for negative credit entries (7 years). After the discharge, they might still show a balance but should also make not of being included in the bankruptcy.

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Q: How do credit entries appear on your credit report after a chapter 7 is discharged and do they disappear from the report or show as 0 balance and indicate their inclusion in a bankruptcy?
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Most of the online literature and case law appears to indicate "NO". After some thought about the fact that judgment liens can be discharged in a bankruptcy (though it's not automatic) by filing an adversary action seeking an order stripping the lien from an asset otherwise shielded under the exemption schedule, but NOT purchase liens (mortgage, secured auto loan, etc) it would seem an attorney's lien against the proceeds of a tort are tantamount to a purchase lien. i.e. The attorney PRODUCED the asset via his/her work product. Obviously the lien CAN be stripped (as can any lien) if the asset has less value than any portion of the lien, say the IRS is 1st in line, for example. If any competent bankruptcy attorney has a different opinion, please cite the case law, federal code, etc.

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That would be unlikely since a co-signer guarantees the loan will be repaid if the primary borrower defaults. A bankruptcy would indicate the proposed co-signer has no money, owes a large debt and cannot pay their own way.That would be unlikely since a co-signer guarantees the loan will be repaid if the primary borrower defaults. A bankruptcy would indicate the proposed co-signer has no money, owes a large debt and cannot pay their own way.That would be unlikely since a co-signer guarantees the loan will be repaid if the primary borrower defaults. A bankruptcy would indicate the proposed co-signer has no money, owes a large debt and cannot pay their own way.That would be unlikely since a co-signer guarantees the loan will be repaid if the primary borrower defaults. A bankruptcy would indicate the proposed co-signer has no money, owes a large debt and cannot pay their own way.

Has A Vantage Com LLC filed for bankruptcy?

This Co does business as Planet Organic...and there is no announcements I could find, in business news or at their websites that indicate they have any BK filings

Can you put pay day advances from companies in your chapter 7?

One can certainly list payday lenders in their bankruptcy petition, but whether or not the payday loans will be discharged probably depends on the law of the State in which the debtor resides. I only practice in Indiana, and in Indiana payday lenders who are holding a personal check of a borrower treat the personal check as a loan and not as a bad (NSF) check, so I have never had a problem discharging payday loans in Indiana (so long as other criteria are met, such as the facts indicate that the debtor didn't get the payday loan in anticipation of filing bankruptcy on it, etc). Bankruptcy does not discharge criminal acts, so I suppose if you live in a State in which the check the payday lender is holding constitutes check deception, then maybe the payday loan wouldn't be discharged. I would think that a payday lender would be hesitant to go to Court and cry about having a loan wiped out in bankruptcy while they're charging 350% interest, a fact I would think most judges would not be too sympathetic about. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person.

Are the debts from your bankruptcy supposed to show on your credit report?

Sure. Why not? They will show as discharged by BK, if appropriate. Just like debts you paid off (or not) previously are shown too. (So what would you expect - you take a loan out say 10 years ago (or yesterday) and of course it is reported....include it in bankruptcy now - the last 10 years reporting of that loan just goes away? The report has to show how it ended.....if for nothing else, it would still indicate you owe it...) Just like outstanding debts are shown. Understand, your credit report MUST show your actual history and what happened. The Courts, laws, etc are not going to protect you from the reality of your actions. We live with the history we make...

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You understand being able/need to file bankruptcy is a bad's not something to strive for? It will effect you in many ways more than the debts you have now, for a long time. One main indicator is not just debts....but assets. Having a lot more debt than assets, more than you can ever hope to pay off, so much that you may drown in them, and assets that you don't mind losing, would indicate bankruptcy is an option. So having say $1,000,000 of debt is unimportant if you have $990,000 of would go bankrupt over $10,000. Doesn't overcomeable to me. Bad choice. So remember, not only do you get rid of many debts, you will also lose many things of value in bankruptcy. Things that may have even more value to you than the bankruptcy court will grant you for them!

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Is corporate bankruptcy records contained in a personal credit report?

Past bankruptcies may indicate a history of poor financial management and excessive debt. Financial difficulties increase the risk of fraudulent behaviour. In Canada, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy provides an Insolvency Name Search. It includes reports of all personal and corporate bankruptcies and proposals filed since 1978 and records of all receiverships since 1993. For the U.S., Lexis provides a Combined Bankruptcy Filings database that has summaries of personal and corporate bankruptcies for all U.S. states, District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Westlaw provides a similar database, Bankruptcy Filings Combined. AutoTrackXP by Choicepoint provides detailed reports on individuals and companies formulated from their large database of U.S. public records. Bankruptcy information is included.

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How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you’ve made the decision to file bankruptcy, you will likely need the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney. With attorneys being plentiful, choosing one may seem overwhelming. Here are things to keep in mind when deciding which bankruptcy attorney is best for you.Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney that Explains the ProcessThis is probably one of the most important aspects of choosing a bankruptcy attorney. You want a lawyer that will explain things to you and that will listen and pay attention to your particular situation. The attorney should not only be able to explain the bankruptcy process but also let you know based on your personal circumstances, if you have any other options. You will want to find out if bankruptcy is really the direction you need to be going and an attorney will be able to tell you what will happen and what won’t happen if you file bankruptcy. Additionally, they should be able to tell you the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy.Consider the FeesThe amount of money that is paid for a service does not necessarily indicate quality of work. This means that you should weigh the costs of the bankruptcy attorney. Some will be significantly less than others, and in a situation where your finances may already be in trouble, you do not want to end up paying more than you have to. Consider the attorney’s fees alongside how much work is predicted to be involved in your bankruptcy.How Familiar is the Attorney With Bankruptcies?It usually won’t matter if you have a fairly standard bankruptcy that includes debt such as credit card and medical bills. It is important to be aware of whether this is the first bankruptcy that the attorney has ever worked on, or if it is the hundredth. If anything, it may help with the decision in choosing the attorney you end up working with.Are You Comfortable With the Attorney?You will need to feel as though the attorney knows what he or she is doing but also that they are paying attention to you and have your best interests in mind. Whether you are able to contact and discuss your case with them comfortably is an important factor in choosing a bankruptcy or any type of lawyer. If you are uncomfortable at all, you may want to consider that there may be a different attorney for your situation.

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