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Crustaceans use their antennae to discern changes in their environment. They can sense changes in water pressure with their antennae. They use these because their hard outer shell does not have any sensitive nerve endings.

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How do frogs respond to its environment?

frogs respond to their environment by leaving or beying dead if the environment is gone

How do snails respond to the environment?

The snails are hermaphrodites so they do respond to the environment by their habitat changes

Unicellular organisms cannot respond to their environment?

actually no, they can respond their environment from their special senses.

Does soil respond to the environment?

Soil does indeed respond to the environment it is in. Soil will be polluted and erode for example because of influences in the environment.

How does a cell respond to the environment?

by adapting to the environment...........

Do viruses respond to their environment?

No they can reproduce if they come across a host cell but cannot respond to their environment

This perspective assumes we actively respond to the environment?

The perspective that assumes we actively respond to the environment is psychology.

How do humans respond to the environment?

Humans respond to the environment by building shelters for protection and planting crops for food.

How do rabbits respond to their environment?

Rabbits respond to their environment by marking their territory. Rabbits will frequently mark their territory as a normal instinct, when there are changes in their environment.

How does Volvox respond to its environment?

it does

How do paramecium respond to their environment?

it does not

How does bald eagle respond to the environment?

Bald eagles respond to the environment by squawking to other birds to let them know they are there.

Does a rock respond to the environment?

Rocks do not respond to the environment, but they are affected by the environment. They are carried from one place to another in rivers and streams, mined, weathered, etc.

How does a plant respond to the environment?

The plant has to be able to respond to its environment because this is a characteristic of life. Plants will respond to cold by closing up and will grow toward the sunlight.

How does your body respond to the environment?

it adapts to its environment sossages and cheese

How do organisms respond to the environment?

An organism responds to the environment by adaptation.

How does a sea sponge respond to its environment?

It respond by changing flow of water .

Many living organisms respond to things in the environment called?

Living organisms respond to stimuli (singular - a stimulus) in the environment.

How do gorillas respond to the environment?

Gorillas respond to there environment because when it is summer or hot they tend to move to the nearest water source.

Does any living thing respond to changes in its environment?

If living things do not respond and change to their environment they may become extinct.

How do plankton respond to changes in its environment?

Plankton respond rapidly to their environment. A key example of this is that they multiply more rapidly in response to higher amounts of carbon dioxide in the environment.

One characteristic of living things is that they can respond to?

Living things can respond to the environment surrounding them. They are sensitive to their environment, and they can interact with it. Some living things can change their environment as well.

How does a paramecium respond to its environment?

by eating

How does Porifera response to environment?


How do senses respond to the environment?


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