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How do cuscuta plant obtain their food?


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its roots are modified to suck food from host

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the plants that obtain there food by totally depending on host eg-cuscuta

Cuscuta is a parasitic plant.

Cuscuta is commonly known as dodder. It is a parasitic plant. It attaches itself to other plants and obtains its food from the host plant. The dodder produces haustoria that insert themselves into the vascular system of the host plant.

Dodder is the scientific name of Cuscuta plant

cuscuta or dodder (amarbel) is a parasite that is a weed that looses its root after it derives its food from another plant and forms a special sucking roots to get all the nutrition from the other plant. the plant or organism from which it derive food is called host.

Paracitic plants do not have.They obtain carbon from their host.ex-cuscuta

The Cuscuta chinensis Lam plant is native to China and was first identified in 1786. It is a parasitic vine that has no leaves.

fungi derive nutrition from dead decaying mater they are saprothrophs plant like cuscuta they take food from the host plant they are parasite..

That is a parasitic plant. An example is cuscuta

Yes, dodder or cuscuta is a total parasitic plant

A grasshopper is a herbivore. The grasshoppers obtain food by going from plant to plant. They eat on grasses and bushes also.

Plant obtain their food from the sun. The process is called photosynthesis. Animals obtain their food from animals or plants.

The stems of cuscuta are used in Western herbalism and the seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

by taking its nutriants from another plant

the dodder plant get its food information by clinging itself to another plant and by sucking the latter's food information

Every photosynthetic plant make sugar. Paracitic plants like Cuscuta does not

The baby plant obtain its food from the first leaf, which is called the seed leaf.

A leafless plant with branching stems, a vine and parasitic plant that attaches itself to host plants.

By using the energy from the sun in photosynthesis

no the obtain their food ther not nesaserraly a plant

Cuscuta reflexa is the scientific name of dodder plant. It is a total parasite and nourishes from the host plant through haustoria.

All most every plant is photosynthetic. But there are few parasitic. EX: Cuscuta

Paracitic plants do not have.They are yellow in color.Ex-cuscuta.

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