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Enzymes are important for proper heart function. If heart muscle is damaged, the enzyme levels rise, and this can be seen in blood work.

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What do enzymes affect?

Enzymes affects activation energy. Enzymes do not affect Delta G and they do not affect Keq which is product divided by substrate.

How does substrate concentration and pH affect enzymes?

Substrate concentration will affect enzymes because substrates are specific to enzymes. The pH will affect enzymes because certain enzymes will work better in certain pH levels.

What types of conditions affect enzymes?

Enzymes act on their particular condition,temperature and factors are the conditions that affect enzymes.

Factors that affect enzymes?

enzymes are proteins so heat destroys them

How do ph levels affect enzymes?

It disrupts an enzymes shape and structure.

Are heart enzymes always present with heart attack?


How do enzymes affect a chemical reaction?

Enzymes act as catalysts in biochemical reactions.

How do enzymes affect the rate of reaction?

Enzymes can either accelerate or slow a reaction.

What statement describe all enzymes?

Enzymes affect the rate of chemical reactions.

Why does temperature affect photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is driven by enzymes. Enzymes are affected by temperature.

How do enzymes affect the environment?

As I know, enzymes can be found in all plants. If no enzymes could be found in plants, there was no life.

How do enzymes affect reactions?

Enzymes lower the activation energy required for reactions to occur

Why do physicians monitor a patient's enzyme levels if a heart attack has occurred?

Certain enzymes leak out of the heart muscle when it's damaged, which it is in a heart attack. These enzymes are always in the blood but the amount increases after a heart attack.

List two things that can affect enzymes actions?

Salt concentration and the pH! also the temperature and activations and inhibitors affect an enzymes actions

What will affect the heart?

micoligits and chlorocimisis will affect the heart

What are enzymes called because they affect the speed of chemical reaction without being consumed?

enzymes are never consumed in a chemical reaction, therefore the answer to your question is that enzymes that affect the speed of a chemical reaction without being consumed are indeed called enzymes.

Which diseases affect the heart and explain how they affect the heart?

it can cause diseases of the heart

Meat tenderizers contain protein enzymes How do these enzymes affect meat?

Protein enzymes tenderize meat by breaking down the proteins in it.

How do temperature and pH affect enzymes?


Do enzymes affect the thermodynamics of a reaction true or false?

Enzymes have no effect on the overall thermodynamics of a reaction.

How are enzymes important to chemical reactions in cells?

Enzymes affect the reactions in living cells by changing the....?

How do enzymes affect the energy of activation?

enzymes increase the speed of reaction by lowering the activation energy.

Do temperatures affect enzyme activities?

Of course they have an affect. Enzymes are type of proteins

How does depressants affect the heart rate?

depressants affect the heart rate by its heart rate

Does exercise affect your heart?

It does affect. It helps your heart and your body.