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What you can do is always stand up for your friend, give them presents to show that your really their best friend.

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What is best friend forever in greek?

best friends forever

What do you mean by BFF?

BF-Best Friend or Boy friend BFF-Best Friends Forever BFL or BFFL-Best friends For Life GF- Girl Friend

What is a word for friends as close as family?

1. Family 2. Best Friend 3. Best Friend Forever

How do you write Best Friends Forever in Hebrew?

Best friends forever = חברים טובים לנצח

You felt in love with your best friend he loves you but as a sister?

I think that it would be better to have your best friend as a best friend. You love your best friend and you would want that person to be in your life forever. what if you guys happen to be a couple. There is a chance that you will not last forever. It would be better to stay friends.

What is a 4 letter word for friend or pal?

bffs means best friends forever.

What is another way to say BFF?

Bff <3 - Best Friends Forever - BstFwnd4Evz -Bf (Best Friend Not Boy Friend) -Best Friends -Besties -Best Besties -Biffles/Bifflez! -Ftte (Friends Til The End) -Smilies :):):)

Can a guy and a girl remain best friends forever or once someone of them gets married he ditches his best friend for his wife or husband?

yes as long as the husband or wife knows that they have been best friends forever

Does BF stand for boy-friend or best-friend?

if it is like bff then its best freinds forever but if its like wanna be my bf then its boyfriendbf can stand for best friends

Is Cody Simpsons best friend Antzela Tsiamoura?

Yes!!!They have been best friends forever and he really likes her!

What is best friend in mandarin?

Zhì yǒu means best friend and yǒng yuǎn de péng yǒu means friends forever in Mandarin

Why would a girl tell a guy that they are Best Friends Forever?

Because she loves him as a friend and not as a boyfriend.

How can you keep a best friend forever?

Fight like siblings, not friends. That's all I can say.

Who is taylors BFF?

BFF stands for Best Friends Forever. So Taylor's BFF is her very best friend usually reserved for ones closest friend.

What does bfwgahlast meaning?

Best Friends Who Go Out And Have Lunch And Shopping Together !! x me+my BFF (BEST FRIEND FOREVER) say that :)

What is the symbol of BFF?

B - best f - friends f - forever best friends forever

What is a good valentine message for your good friend?

1 Happy Valentines Day! Your the best friend a friend could have! 2 Happy V-Day! Your the best friend ever and i hope we can be friends forever!

Are Trish and Torrie best friends forever?

No, but they were good friends when both in WWE. Trish' best friend is Lilian Garcia and one of Torrie's is Victoria (the WWE Diva).

Why does your best friend like a boy more than you?

It is hormonal. And it will happen to you too. Remember that boys will come and go. But friends are friends forever.

How can you remain best friends with the opposite sex forever?

Yes. I'm going to stay best friends with my 15 year old best friend (which is a girl) and I'm 12 (and a boy

What is a best friend forever?

A best friend forever is a person who is a close and trusted friend to someone over an extended period of time.

What is the translation Best friends forever in Latin?

Best Friends

How do you write best friends forever in Vietnamese?

how do you write friends forever in vietmanese

What does my bff Jill mean?

bff= best friend foreverI don't know, my best friend foreverJill?

What does Calista mean?

Beautiful my best friends name is calista so it also means a great friend forever