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How do ferns and mosses reproduce?

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Ferns and mosses have a wonderfully interesting way of reproducing.

  • They produce spores (haploid cells) carrying only 1 set of chromosomes.
  • These spores undergo mitosis to form multicellular haploid structures.
  • These structures have a distinct sex.
  • This is called the gametophyte generation.
  • These multicellular haploid structures then produce sperm and eggs. (via mitosis)
  • The sperm is carried in rain or water.
  • The sperm fertilizes an egg atop the female gametophyte.
  • A zygote is formed. (diploid) carrying 2 sets of chromosomes.
  • Mitosis now occurs to form a multicellular diploid organism still on top of the haploid female gametophyte.
  • This is now called the sporophyte generation.
  • A mature sporophyte will then produce spores via meiosis and release them to start the cycle again.

So it's not just a simple case of mature diploid male fertilizes mature diploid female.

I found a link for a pic that may make it even easier to understand.

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I believe mosses and ferns release spores that become other mosses and ferns later on.

Mosses and Ferns both reproduce using spores instead of seeds or flowers. Mosses and Ferns are both plants. Mosses and Ferns are both made up of cells. Mosses and Ferns both photosynthesize.

Ferns and mosses reproduce by spores.

The reproduction in ferns differs from that in mosses in that it is purely asexual. As for mosses, they reproduce both sexually and asexually.

No. Ferns and mosses do not reproduce from seeds.

Ferns and mosses are alike in that they can reproduce sexually only when there is standing water. A film of water must cover the sporangium.

Mosses and ferns are plants which do not reproduce using seeds.

Yes they Do reproduce using Spores !

that's what im looking in my textbook

Ferns,Mosses,Liverworts,Hornworts, and Fungi reproduce by spores

they reproduce via spores not seeds for all of the idiots out there

Yes, except ferns and mosses.

Ferns, horsetails, mosses, and liverworts do not produce flowers or grow from seeds

Ferns, Club Mosses, and Horse Tails reproduce through spores. Spores are reproductive cells that are capable of reproducing without fusion with another cell.

they are both seedless plants so thay reproduce by spores called sporangia

Yes! We are leaning about that in my science class!

ferns and mosses and hornwarts and liverwarts

They reproduce with spores because they are seedless plants. This is called cross-pollination or they can self- pollinate.

Non-seed plants reproduce like fungi, by using spores. Examples are mosses and ferns.

ferns and club mosses ferns and club mosses

mosses and ferns get water by absorbing the moistness

Both ferns and mosses are non-flowering vascular plants. They have specialized vascular tissue for the transport of water and nutrients. They reproduce using spores instead of seeds.

Nonflowering Spore Plants. Mosses and ferns are the other two major types of plants that do not grow flowers. Mosses and ferns reproduce by spores instead of seeds.

ferns grow taller than mosses because ferns are vascular plants and mosses aren't