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How do flatworms reproduce?

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They can reproduce sexually and asexually.

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Do flatworms reproduce sexually and asexually?

flatworms reproduce asexually :) hope that helps

How fast do flatworms reproduce?

They reproduce as fast as you can say rocket. Just kidding

Which process describes how flatworms reproduce asexually?


How does a flatworm reproduce?

flatworms reproduce by sexual reproduction. They are hermaphidites they can change sex whenever they please.

What organisms reproduce by binary fission?

amoeba , echinoderms and flatworms

How do flatworms reproduce asexually?

Flatworms are one of the few animals that have the capability to produce sexually or asexually. To reproduce asexually, they must split and regenerate using a technique called binary fusion.

How do turbellaria flatworms reproduce?

Turbellaria flatworms can reproduce asexually by a. regeneration. c. producing polyps. b. forming larvae. d. exchanging both sperm and eggs. this is one of my questions i need help as well.

What are examples of a hermaphrodite?

around most free-living flatworms are hermaphrodites that reproduce sexually!

Turbellaria flatworms can reproduce asexually by?

By neeking the f*ck out the other ones wife

How do flatworms reproduce sexually and asexually?

Well I don't know I think it's only sexually

How do planarians reproduce?

Planarians are small flatworms that often use asexual reproduction. Some can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Asexually, they divide into two separate worms.

Why don't parasitic flatworms and roundworms have structures for locomotion?

That's just the way God made them. Flatworms and roundworms have certain body cavities that basically help them digest food,respire,reproduce,and even move from one place to another.

Do flatworms have segmentation?

Flatworms can have segmentation. :)

Characteristics of flatworms?

what are the characteristics of flatworms

What are facts about flatworms?

facts about flatworms

Are flatworms Invertebrate?

Yes flatworms are invertebrates

How do flatworms move?

how do flatworms move around

What developed first flatworms or cnidarians?


What phylum do flatworms belong to?

Flatworms are in the Platyhelminthes Phylum

Why are flatworms important?

Flatworms are important parasites for humans and animals.

To what phylum do flatworms belong to?

Flatworms belong to the phylum platyhelminthes.

What is the scientific name for flatworms?

The scientific name for flatworms is Platyhelminthes.

Name familiar examples of flatworms?

What are some examples of Flatworms?

Most flatworms are not parasitic?

Yes Most Flatworms Are Parasitic.

Are flatworms found in cats?

Yes, Cats can be a host for flatworms.

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