How do frogs reproduce?

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The eggs are called spawn, and are fertilized outside the frog's body.

Frogs have external fertilization.
a frog reproduces by mating with the opposite sex and will lay eggs and get tadpoles

the male frog will push the tummy of the female frog then it will be pregnant

Actually, frogs don't have intercourse. The female frog discharges eggs into water and the male frog sheds sperms over the eggs.

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Q: How do frogs reproduce?
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What do frogs reproduce?

Frogs reproduce frog spawn. They usually reproduce hundreds!

Are frogs asexual?

Not all frogs are asexual but some species of frogs and lizards can reproduce asexually. These frogs reproduce by laying eggs that do not require fertilization; a process is known as parthenogenesis.

Can frogs reproduce by themself?


Are frogs asexual or sexual?

Frogs and toads are sexual because they are not one-celled organisms that split to reproduce. Frogs/toads need two parents to reproduce.

Do frogs reproduce asexually?


How do bell frogs reproduce?


How do frogs and chicken reproduce?


How do northern leopard frogs reproduce?

sex, just like anything that can reproduce

How often do poison dart frogs reproduce?

many times, when they are adults, they reproduce.

Does a leopard frog reproduce sexually or asexually?

Leopard frogs reproduce sexually.

Do frogs reproduce on water?

yes such as bromelias

Do frogs reproduce sexually?

they dont asexually

Do frogs reproduce asexually or sexually?


How do tadpoles reproduce?

Tadpoles do not reproduce as they are just baby frogs or toads. Although when they get older and grow up then they shall reproduce.

What time of year do frogs reproduce offspring?

Most common frogs produce frogspawn in February.

Do frogs reproduce sexualy or asexualy?

sexual reproduction

Are milk frogs asexaul or sexual?

They reproduce sexually.

What animals reproduce in water?

Frogs, Mosquitoes, Fish and other aquatic animals reproduce in water

Are frogs sexual or asexual?

Frogs are sexual. They reproduce sexually, and all hatch from eggs. Frogs lay eggs in water, and the eggs hatch into tadpoles that grow into frogs.

How do narrow mouth frogs reproduce?

Narrow mouth frogs reproduce sexually the type of sexual reproduction is fertalization. Fertalizaion means where the male fertalizes the womens egg with sperm

How do poison arrow frogs reproduce?

Externally fertilize eggs.

Contrast the reproduction of bacteria with that of leopard frogs?

Bacteria reproduce through asexual means, such as binary and multiple fission. Leopard frogs, on the other hand, reproduce using sexual means.

What will happen to the butterfly population if frogs disappeared?

Sickness will speed because frogs eat them and then mom and dad will reproduce and that goes on and on.

What animal lives on land but returns to water to reproduce?

Frogs. They are amphibian.

What animals reproduce with asexual reproduction?

Frogs, Lizards, and other Amphibians