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How do get to an acting or modeling career?


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November 27, 2016 5:12PM

Both have similar routes but not the exact same requirements. The best route for both is to obtain agency representation to find legitimate modeling/acting work and get the most well paid opportunities/rates.

To get modeling agency representation previous experience and professional photos aren't mandatory and that requirement varies from agency to agency. A majority simply request non-professional digital snapshots but models do have to meet the physical requirements that are determined by the type of modeling a person wants to pursue: commercial/print, lifestyle, fashion/high fashion/runway, editorial, plus, etc.

To get a talent agency (for actors), some type of experience/training is usually preferred, as well as a professional headshot and resume of work or demo reel. So actors have to come with some kind of training or background in the industry to have the best shot at getting an agent. There are some actors, however, who have no training and are able to get signed to an agent and begin working due to their natural talent/ability showcased at the agency interview/audition. But oftentimes even those individuals are encouraged by their agent to take acting classes/workshops to further hone their skills.

An online search is the best way to find modeling and talent agencies within your city/state. The agency websites will list all the info a person needs to know, including how to submit and instructions for how to do so.