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I know it sounds odd, but if it is possible for him to come back you HAVE to live without him. Try and become his friend, and when he sees you have a life for yourself, he might be attracted to the idea of you being his again. I am NOT saying to make him jealous, just make yourself independent from him emotionally. Nobody likes to feel pressured by another person...even if its love. You also have to face the fact that it might be over too. He might have grown out of love with you. Maybe with some distance from him and being on your own for awhile might show you that not only can you live without him, but you are stronger than you think. Good luck and be strong. You can do it...

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โˆ™ 2005-09-22 18:43:54
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Q: How do get your ex back if you're in love with him and can't live without him?
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