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I think in order to defend themselves, they use their claws.
giant pandas signify aggression by lowering their heads and starring at their opponents.

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How can the giant pandas be saved?

They should defend themselves.

Do giant pandas defend themselves?

They are extremelly vulnerable and would extinct without the help of man.

How giant padas protect themselfs?

Giant Pandas protect themselves by claw/scratching them Giant Pandas protect themselves by claw/scratching them

How do pandas protect themselves from danger?

Pandas initially protect themselves from danger by hiding. Their coats allow them to camouflage themselves from predators. Pandas can also use sharp teeth to defend themselves.

What kind of animals do giant squids defend themselves from?

a whale

How does the giant panda protects itself?

Giant Pandas can protect itslef by being violent. They can use there claws and their growl to defend itself.

Giant Pandas Habitat or behavior patterns?

Giant pandas live in mountainous areas in China. They act much like other bears, hunt by themselves, but they do not hibernate.

How do pandas protect their cubs?

Pandas protect their young by keeping them close to them until they are able to defend themselves. In the meantime, they teach them how to find food.

Is giant pandas capitalized?

No, 'giant pandas' are not capitalized.

How do Giant Pandas protect themselves?

They just show their claws and stand up on their hind legs. (They do this as a ritual for female pandas as well.)

Why are humans and giant pandas enemies?

they poach giant pandas

Are giant pandas extinct or not?

some giant pandas are exctinct

Are pandas related to bears?

Giant Pandas are bears. Red pandas are not related to Giant Pandas although they are related to raccoons.

Do giant pandas live in groups?

No Giant Pandas do not live in groups

Do giant pandas hunt?

No. Giant pandas are planteaters. They eat bamboo.

Why are giant pandas endanged?

Giant pandas are endangered because of the baboons

From what country are giant pandas?

Giant pandas are found only in China.

What influences do humans have on giant pandas?

why are giant pandas endangered from humans

Giant Pandas are found in.?

Giant Pandas live in mountains in China

What do giant pandas always eat?

Giant pandas eat bamboo.

How do giant pandas gather their food?

how do giant pandas gather there food

Are giant pandas herbivores carnivores or omnivores?

Giant pandas are omnivores.

Why do giant pandas have sharp teeth?

giant pandas have them to bite bamboo

Where do giant pandas get their food?

giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat

What do you call a female giant panda?

Female giant pandas are called sows. Male giant pandas are called boars. The baby giant pandas are called cubs.

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