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pandas nurse there young like any-other mammal they use milk

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Q: How do giant pandas nurse their young?
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Do giant pandas nurse their young?

Yes, giant pandas nurse their young. The cub may stay with their mother for up to three years before going off on their own.

Do giant pandas care for their young?

It cares for it up to 4 weeks

Does the male panda stay with the young?

For the Giant pandas - no. Males might hang around a bit for the red pandas.

What is the life cycle of the giant pandas?

baby cub to young adult to adult

How did giant pandas get their names?

They are called giant pandas to reduce confusion between giant pandas and red pandas. they are considerably large compared to red pandas therefore making them giant

Is giant pandas capitalized?

No, 'giant pandas' are not capitalized.

Are giant pandas extinct or not?

some giant pandas are exctinct

What types of pandas what are endangered?

The giant panda, although both species are endangered.

How do giant pandas care for their young?

By scaring of all the mudda fookas coming after it.Well, of course

Do giant pandas live in groups?

No Giant Pandas do not live in groups

Giant Pandas are found in.?

Giant Pandas live in mountains in China

Why do giant pandas have sharp teeth?

giant pandas have them to bite bamboo