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Infants exit through the birth canal (vagina).

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Do girls give birth?

Yes, girls do give birth, or the population of the Earth would fall dramatically.

Do the boys or girls give birth to sea horses?


How do humans give birth to children boys and girls?

You have sex with him.

Is there more girls or boys in the world?

there are more girls because thre are lots of people in the world and it is girls that give birth

Can girls at age 8 give birth?

No it would not be safe and they would have to give her a c-section.

How many teenage girls give birth each year?

About 750000 teens get pregnant in the US every year and about 1/3 give birth.

Do girls breasts leak milk?

No because it only leaks when you give birth.

Do girls have separate holes to pass urine and to give birth?

Yes the urinary tract is separate from the birth canal.

How do animals produce other animals?

The girls give birth to them, and then they are a baby. But boy seahorses give the baby instead of the girl.

What are the best slogans to save girl child?

girls are gifted by the god we cannot try to kill them girls are everything in the world they are the users of flowers and many more god created girls to use the resource only for girls not to waste them.girls give birth to a baby and they call them mother .so dont kill girls they give birth to many girls and girls save earth earth is created for girls and not for men. so save girls dont kill them.

Is birth control safe?

No. Not all birth controls work. There are many instidents of teenage girls and woman who are on birth control and have gotten pregnant. (sometimes, unknowingly until they give birth)

What is the youngest a woman can give birth?

A girl can give birth any time that she has started having her menstrual periods. This can start generally anywhere between the ages of 10 and 16, but the average is around age can give birth at the age of 8 that when some girls start to have there period. I herd that someone did give birth at the age of 8 and my friend got her period at 9,so you can give birth really youngYou can give birth at the age of 5

How were athenian girls different from spartan girls?

athenian girls dont go to school... they just stay home & look pretty spartan girls go to PE and get trained to be strong for when they give birth

What is the difference between spartan boys and girls?

Spartan boys were trained to fight and die in battle, Spartan girls were trained to give birth to a Spartan.

Why are girls butts so big?

To provide the necessary space to give birth to a baby when they're pregnant.

Which gender of mosquito bites human?

Females do. Males go for nectar. Girls obviously give birth, so the female goes sucking on blood to regain more blood for birth. Note: They give birth to about 250 eggs at once.

Is a guys life harder than a girls?

no, guys don't have to do anything girls get periods pregnant, have to give birth, and clean the house, mind the kids. do everything.

How do you give birth to twin girls on sims?

you can cheat, or just have the father rub the pregnant sims belly a lot. But even then you dont know if you will have twin girls.

How do girls make birth to a baby girl?

they make babys because thers a pill that they give to the pacntes and they drink it and theres a egg in there so they have birth to agirl

Did Raven Symone just give birth and that's why she isn't in the cheetah girls 3?

No. In the Cheetah Girls 2, she said that she likes girls and is going to college for the next year. So, she can't have a baby. I just saw a detailed video about Raven Symone give birth on the video blog in the link below. Watch it right after the short quiz.

How do hyena's have their babies?

The girls give birth through what looks like a penis. Sometimes, the penis can burst open!

Why do girls want to be guys?

because guy don't have to go through the pregnancy stage and they don't have to give birth.

Do people give birth to transsexuals?

People give birth to boys or girls nothing else they are all born attracted to the opposite sex they have either only male sexual organs or only female sexual organs :)

When does a Weddell Seal give birth?

They do give birth and they give birth when its the During breeding seasons.

Do some whales give birth to dolfins?

There are no whales that give birth to dolphins. Dolphins give birth to dolphins; whales give birth to whales.

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