How do grey wolves grow?

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Are grey wolves producers?

No wolves are consumers.

Are grey wolves herbivore?

Wolves are carnivores.

What do wolves do to protect themselves?

Grey wolves hunt in packs together so that big animals wont get a chance to attack, but instead of the big animals hunting grey wolves, grey wolves hunt the big animals.

Are gray wolves herbivores or carnivores?

Wolves are carnivores

Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same species?

No Grey wolves and timber wolves are not the same.

What are the major breed of wolves?

Grey wolves and arctic wolves. a black wolf or a white wolf are classed as grey wolves. Some people call wolves in the arctic white wolves but their proper name is arctic wolf.

Do grey wolves hibernate?

No they do not.

Are gray wolves or timber wolves more popular in Canada?

Grey wolves and Timber Wolves are the same.

Do gray wolves live in the tundra?

Yes they do. GREY wolves do. BUT the other wolves DON'T.

Are gray wolves nocturnal?

YES, BUT SOME WOLVES ARE NOT NOCTURNAL.Grey wolves are primarily nocturnal, but yes, some wolves are not.A pack of grey wolves would hunt during daylight.Yes, but not all wolves. Some are not nocturnal.No they are not nocturnal.

What kinds of animals hunt gray wolves?

Very few predators hunt grey wolves. Man is the grey wolf's worst predator. Other wolves will hunt down weaker wolves.

What color are grey wolves?

then can be grey, white, or black. white wolves in the arctic are known as arctic wolves and white wolves and black wolves in forest are known as grey wolves...although some people might say white wolf or black wolf. Yeah what eva. They are wait i know this ...what colour are gray wol..oh GRAY wolves! smart one

To what family do gray wolves belong?

grey wolves are in the dog family

Why are wolves getting slaughtered in Alaska?

Grey wolves are protected in alaska.

Are wolves small?

the answer is depends on the breed. artic wolves are, though grey wolves are much larger.

What colour are gray wolves?


Where did gray wolves get their name?

there grey.

What special needs do gray wolves have?

Grey wolves are very intellegant. I think that's one of the special things Grey Wolfs have.

Where do gray wolves get their water?

grey wolves get their water from nearby lakes or streams.

Would a pack of grey wolves or a Siberian tiger win?

the wolves would

Are gray wolves color blind?

yes. grey wolves are colour blind

Grey wolves in German?

There are no wolves in Germany they died out with the bears in the 19th century.

Where do white and black wolves live?

White wolves are found in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and parts of Greenland. Black wolves are not common but are simply a color variant of the grey wolf and are found where grey wolves are found.

How many wolves are there world wide?

150,000 grey wolves, 500 Abyssinian Wolves, and 250 Red Wolves, world wide that is.

Do gray wolves live in Alabama?

Yes Gray wolves can be found in Alabama, along with red wolves and coyotes. I own a grey wolf. It is legal to own a grey wolf in Alabama, but not any animal that is native to Alabama. Therefore, there are no wild grey wolves in Alabama and have not been in hundreds of years.

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