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Guys like girls that wear a dress sometimes and we like to see a little bit

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Do girls think it is hot when guys dress like girls?

i dont think it is hot but really funny maybe in a way it could be hot but really- just don't. that is sick and disgusting. guys were meant dress as guys and girls girls.

Do guys like girls who dress weird?

noo but they do like fat girls

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

Why do girls dress like sluts?

Because they want attention from guys. And they think it's attractive. If they say otherwise, they are lying.

How do you dress for a oratorical contest?

girls dresses and guys suits

Why do guys dress like girls?

Most of the time it is because they are GAY .

How do you know if im bisexual?

If you prefer girls and guys. If you are attracted to both girls and guys. If you want to date both girls and guys. Then you are bisexual.

Do girls like guys who dress like girls?

Yes and no, it would be down to the individuals preferences. Some girls don't mind, where a lot of girls would not entertain going out with a boy in a dress.

Why are girls so into their looks and how they dress?

That's just girls.. This is just like saying, "Why are guys so into football and girls?"

What do girls want to hear from a guy?

Girls want to hear that they are on a guys mind every minute, they also want guys to say that they are beutiful, not sexy.

Why do guys think that girls a retarded?

because girls are better then guys and they don't want to admit it.

What guys want?

Girls that are hot

Do guys prefer if you make the first move?

Some guys want girls to make the first move but those are the guys that are cocky and only want to have a lot of girls after them. Guys are more into the chase.

What part do guys want girls to touch?

guys want girls to touch them anywhere that the girl can touch as long as it gives guys a boner.....guys just like being touched by a girl

What do girls mean to guys?

guys want to have sex with them and have baby's DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Why do girls find guys attractive?

girls find guys attractive because it is someone to hold and cuddle gives girls what they want. :)

Why do girls try to watch Guys pee?

Maybe girls try to watch guys pee for the same reasons guys want to watch girls, to sneak a peek.

What do I wear for a middle school dance?

I think all guys should wear jeans and a tee shirt for a casual dance....For formal dances guys should wear a suit and tie and dress pants girls a beautiful dress that you love or want to buy at a store.

Why do girls dress like guys to make other girls like them?

Its an attraction thing. If girls look like guys, then the other girl may be more attracted sexually to the first girl.

Do guys like girls in a dress?

This depends on the guy and the occasion. Most guys do like when a girl they are interested in get dressed up for them.

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