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... the same way humans do. With lungs. Through their nose.

They can hold their breathe at a walk and trot but at a halt,canter and gallop they have to breathe so NEVER block their noses or they can't breathe because its impossible for them to breathe through their mouths.

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Q: How do horses breathe?
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How horses breathe?

horses breathe through their nose.

Can horses breathe through their nose?

Horses are designed to breathe through their nose.

What does horses breathe through if they cannot breathe through their mouth?

Their NOSE

How does an appaloosa breathe?

the same way all other breeds of horses breathe through their noses..

How much Co2 is emitted by horses?

No Co2 is emitted by horses themselves.----------------------------------------------------------------------Apart from when they breathe of course.

Did you Know horses don't breath through their nose.?

Horses cannot breathe through their mouths, you have it opposite.

Does grooming help horses' skin to breathe?

No...But it is very important to groom your horses. Especially before and after riding.

How do horses respire?

Same as us - by breathing in air, which is delivered to the lungs to be exchanged with carbon dioxide, which the horses breathe out.

Does grooming help the horse's skin breathe?

Yes. Horses are very sensitive.

How do you breathe into a horses nose?

You put your mouth or your nose up to the horse nose and breath into the nose of the horse.

Why do horses snort if they are curious about something?

To alert others to the possible danger. Also, if it was dangerous, he is clearing his airways in case he has to run from it. Horses can only breathe through their nose, that is why they have such wide nostrils.

Does skin breathe?

Well....yes...for horses it actuelly breaths more than we do in a ONE you shouldn't worry about him/her.

Are sea horses classified as fish?

Yes, sea horses cannot be classified as mammals (no fur), reptiles (because of the skin type) or birds (for obvious reasons). They can also breathe underwater. Yes, they are classified as fish.

What do frogs and horses both do?

Many things, locomote, swim, procreate, breathe, metabolize, feed, the list is L O N G.

How do sea horses breathe under water?

Fish and seahorses both have gills which allow them to extract the oxygen from its environment (the water) and dispose of the unnecessary gases.

Does a horse pant?

No horses can't pant. This is because the have no epoglottis in their throat which would enable them to breathe and eat through their mouths. They can only breate through their nose, and they can only eat through their mouths. They do breathe heavily through their noses though when they get hot.

Is the urine of an opossum harmful to horses?

Opossum urine and droppings can transmit Equine Protozoal Myeloencephilitis (EPM) to horses. Symptoms include seizures, weakness, ataxia, difficult to swallow, eat, and breathe. Sometimes it can even lead to coma and death.

What is verb form of breath?

Infinitive - To breathe Singular I breathe You breathe It breathes Plural We breathe You breathe They breathe

What is oxyen?

its what you breathe and what plants breathe out while they breathe that out they breathe in carbon diOxide and we breathe it out.

What Type of Saddle Pad keeps a Horse the Coolest Out of wool neoprene cotton and felt?

Wool because it has natural material that allows your horses core to breathe.

What are 4 things whales and horses have in common?

1.They are both animals 2.They can both breathe 3.They have a name for their species 4.They both live on earth

Why do whales breathe oxygen?

Because they are mammals like cows and foxes and horses and mice and elephants (and us). They are no fish and therefore have no gills to extract oxygen from the water.

What kind of jacket should be use when riding horses?

Any riding jacket will do. They breathe well, look smart and fit tight so they don't get in the way.

How does respiration work?

so basically, you breathe in, breathe out. breathe in, breathe out.

Do you breathe in or breathe out oxygen?

Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Trees "breathe" out oxygen.