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How do hurricanes change the Earth's surface of the Earth?


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they smash everything in there path and mess up the earth

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Hurricanes may move debris and water droplets causing there to be a minor change in the earths surface.

moving water change the surface of the earth

weathering is the cause why the earths surface changes which

Earthquakes, hurricanes ,and weather

Weathering and erosion shape earths surface by changing earths surface by having extreme forces that change earth.

The Earths surface changes shape when plates collide when the earths surface overlaps or when there are Earthquakes.

Earthquakes change earth by moving earths plates

Earths surface can not change gradually as well as rapidly. Unless one is referring to different spots on the surface of the earth, THEN it may be changing rapidly as well as gradually

There are many rivers on Earth. They change the surface by wearing it down overtime with its constant and consistent movement.

topography of earths surface changes because of the turbulence of water.In which this turbulence causes the formation of a new topographic sketch in earths surface.

The quickest way to change the earth is an earthquake

yes they do and so do glaciers, hurricanes, tornadoes and many other things

due to volcanics effects and movement of earth which affect the earth surface

water can change the earths surface by breaking down rocks into sediment and then the wind blowing them to a different spot to change the earth.(An example is the grand canyon.)

haha the two plates slide causing the earths crust to break

plate tectonics are one of the many slow earth change (helpers)

Well they can destroy earths surface or it can build more habitats by changing earths land form and make a hole new habitat it can do many things some good some bad it can destroy and it can help earths surface

how does gravity affect earth? you better not ask! it affects the earths surface by making all objects stay on the earths surface.

it changes the earths surface by...pushing in to the earth!falling down and crumbling the earth!and being the largest rock in the world it creates attraction!

it changes bye lets say if weathering meesesup the earths sufface erosion will clean all of it up

The wave that can travel through earth and along earths surface is a SEISMIC wave.

no the gravity never changes in the earth. it is constant [9.8 m/s^2]

the earths crust is the nearest to the surface


A primary cause for surface winds on the earth is the Earths Rotation.

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