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Q: How do huskies protect them from enemies?
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What is the Siberian husky enemy?

Siberian huskies have no natural enemies, but some hunters kill huskies for their fur. Does this answer your question?

What are the huskies' enemies?

the Siberian huskies enemies are cats the absolutely ahte cats if they are not brought up with them . .. . i have a husky and she seen a cat eating her food and she killed it.. they snap their necks and suffoate them .. its nature ..

How does the elephant protect itself from its enemies?

it can protect to enemies with giving a food to them.

Who are siberian huskies enemies?

There are virtually no enemies to a Siberian husky. These animals are very friendly and serve as wonderful house pets.

How does the cicada protect itself from enemies?

I think they use camouflage to protect themselves from enemies.

How do llamas protect itself from enemies?

They spit at their enemies.

How do bears protect themselves from their enemies?

they kill there enemies

Who are the Alaskan huskies enemies?

Alaskan huskys enemys are godzilla, barnie, and sometimes Elmo.

What does the castle protect you from?


How do some animals protect themselves from their enemies by using their enemies mouth parts?

how do animals protect themselves from their enemies by using there mouth parts

How do mudfish protect themselves from their enemies?

By throwing mud on their enemies

How do hammerheads protect their babys?

if the enemies get to close then they will attack the enemies

How do plants protect themselves against from their enemies?

Plants do not have enemies.

How do fish protect themselves from their enemies?

Small fishes protect themselves from enemies by forming into a big fish.

How do narwhals protect themselves from enemies?

they protect them self's with the tusk,

Are huskies good guard dogs?

Not at all! Huskies do not have the aggressive personality to protect, they would more likely greet your intruder with tail wagging.

Who are the enemies of a German shepherd and how does it protect itself?

who are the German shepherd enemies

How does a wasp protect itself from its enemies?

the wasp stings the enemies.

What do clams have that protect them from their enemies?


What are the structures of animals that protect them from their enemies?

Their are a variety of structures from animals that protect the from their enemies like turtles have a shell or the feathers on a bird.

How do makahiya protect them from their enemies?

The makahiya protect themselves by flipping their leaves

How do grass hopper protect itself from enemies and danger?

hop away from enemies:)

How does housefly protect itself from its enemies?

It doesn't

How does aardvark protect itself from enemies?


How catterpillar protect themselves from enemies?