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How do i change a speedometer cable on a 1993 checy pickup?

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there is no cable on a 93 pick up it,s all electric ! ( BUT ) check the connection at the trans and there is the magnetic pick up at the trans that can go bad cables went away n the early 80s or right at the time that fuel injection came around .

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Unlock trunk in 1998 checy cavalier ls?

Go thru the back seat and remove the 2 bolts that mount the latch ,or, pop off the black cable end from the trunk lock and turn it

Where can you find a diagram for the serpentine belt installation for a 1991 checy s10?


What kind of transmission fluid do you use in a 1994 Checy S10 manual transmission?

Dextron 3 Transmission fluid

How do you replace the power window motor in a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

How to replace a window and regulator on a 1998 checy malibu?

Why does the 2001 Chevy Tracker CD player show error?

what kind of cd player is in a 2001 checy tracker

What is the cause for your 97 Checy Tahoe LT oil pressure gauge fluctuating constantly and idle is not staying constant Idle revs when in Neutral?

probably a leak in the intake would cause the rev in neutral and as for the oil pressure gauge i still haven't got that figured out but its not just a problem on tahoes i have a 2500 pickup which also does that ANSWER When was the last time you changed the oil engine?. Replace and check.

Will topper from 1998 Chevy silverado extended cab short bed fit o a 2001 checy silverado extended cab short bed?


You cant get your 1991 checy s10 to start but it will turn over what could be the problem?

fuel, compression, spark, timing, that's what it needs to run, something must be missing

What speed limit will the 2003 checy trailblazer allow you to go?

108 is how fast my 2003 trailblazer goes 108 is the top speed of mine as well but it also depends on the engine you have. I have the 4.2 lt.

How many Buick lacrosses are produced each day and where are they made?

I believe that the Buick Lacrosse and Checy Malibu are both made at the Fairfax, Kansas GM plant at the rate of 6400 vehicles per week

PCD Performance Chip Stage 1 any problems?

i have a 1989 checy truck it has a 5.7 (350) and i got the stage 1 performance chip for it and they sent me the wrong instructions for it so i dont no how to put it on can you help me

Which places offer Checy Camaro parts?

Chevrolet Camero parts can be bought from Amazon. Chevy Camero parts can also be bought from your local Chevy dealer. Rick's Cameros also sells Camero parts.

How do you compress the pistons on the rear calipers of a 2000 checy silverado?

Most likely you need a special tool to turn the pistons in while they are compressed. AutoZone offers this tool in the loan-a-tool program, part number 27111.

How many horse powers does checy volt have?

It has a 149 HP electric motor and a 4 cylinder engine that powers a 74 HP generator that recharges the battery pack. The vehicle is solely powered by the battery pack and is not a hybrid in the truest sense.

How do you replace interior door handles on a Checy Tahoe?

take it to the dealership. part is only about $32, but it needs to be riveted on. This would depend on the model, I had a 1996 Tahoe, and I have replaced interior, and exterior door handles with no problem, none of them were riveted in, all screwed in.

Your 72 checy 6cyl truck was running sluggish and died its no longer firing and you tried to hot wire run a wire from battery to coil and it still wont fire What is wrong?

Bad coil? Bad rotor? Bad distributor? Bad distributor Cap? Bad coil wire?

If sender unit is showing empty all the time will it cut pump off?

no it will not shut off the pump but it could be a coroded wire on the sending unit that has coroded more then one and that would kill the pump but if a checy doesnt have a min of 55 pounds of pressuer to the rail it doesnt run

Possible cause for crank no start on a 1995 1500 Chevy?

1995 & 1996 checy trycks used a two piece ignition switch. I had this same problem and replace a bunch of stuff to find out the ignition switch was intermitting shutting the truck down so check before you spend money on parts you don't need

How do you install motor mounts in 1997 s10 blazer 4.3?

take it to a checy garage. take it from a guy who spent 8 hours in 95 deree heat and lost most of the skin on both of my arms and hands. never never again, it will go in flames first This is true especially for the 4+4's. Very dificult to do in your driveway on the ground.

Who is in Taylor gang?

So far these are all the rappers signed to Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang Records..... Snoop Dogg Daz Dillinger Lil Eazy-E(Eazy-E's son) Kurupt Nipsey Hussle Juicy J Amber Rose Berner Cardo Checy Woods Courtney Noelle Lola Monroe Sledgren Tuki Carter

What size engine does a 1998 checy cavalier have?

This model has 2 differant engines, and are not interchangible. The 2.4L DOHC (Duel Over Head Cam) and the 2.2L OHV (Over Head Valves).The 2.4 is getting harder and harder to find and the cost is rising, but, the 2.2 are VERY plentiful and can be bought for as little as $200. the motors can be swaped but u need the trany, brain and all the wires.

Color codes for wiring stereo in 1991 checy caprice classic?

RADIO 12v = orange GROUND= black IGNITION= yellow POWER ANTENNA/AMP TURN ON= pink (you have to hook this up with you're ignition!! LEFT FRONT SPEAKER= +tan -grey RIGHT FEONT SPEAKER= + LEFT REAR SPEAKER= +brown -yellow RIGHT REAR= + dk. Blue - lt. Blue

How many miles can you expect to get out of a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?

Being a typical Ford product, you should get at least 100,000 miles out of this vehicle before you start having to replace parts, or do anything other than routine maintenance. Ford, checy, or dodge. Alll newer vehicles run a long time without problems. If you do your 100000 mile tune up, you should havwe any troubles with it, that is if it is treated well and maintance is well taken care of. 175,000 will be when i would start thinking about its end.

How do you replace a tail light bulb on a 1986 checy celebrity?

To replace a tail light bulb in a 1986 to 1989 Chevy Celebrity: 1. Inside the trunk next to the quarter panel there are 3 nuts that hold the rear header on. The middle bolt holds the tail light assembly on, take it off. 2. Pull the tail light assembly out enough for the stud to clear the body then pull to the side to pull the tabs out of the backup light assembly. 3. Give a slight twist to the proper socket to take it out of the tail light assembly and you can then replace the bulb.

Why is my 2005 checy impala overheating smells like coolant?

Some possibilities: Intake leak, head gasket leak, rad, waterpump, hoses, heatercore, cooling fans not coming on, stuck thermostat. If it's a 3.4L they are common for intake & head gasket leaks. Check for coolant in the oil (oil looks like a chocolate milkshake), look for leaks around the intake area or drips on the ground. Maybe use a gas analyzer or emmision machine to check for hydrocarbons in the rad to see if the head gasket is leaking. 3.8L are more common for intake leaks than head gasket leaks but check it over the same as above.