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there is no cable on a 93 pick up it,s all electric ! ( BUT ) check the connection at the trans and there is the magnetic pick up at the trans that can go bad cables went away n the early 80s or right at the time that fuel injection came around .

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โˆ™ 2007-03-04 17:18:47
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Q: How do i change a speedometer cable on a 1993 checy pickup?
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What is the cause for your 97 Checy Tahoe LT oil pressure gauge fluctuating constantly and idle is not staying constant Idle revs when in Neutral?

probably a leak in the intake would cause the rev in neutral and as for the oil pressure gauge i still haven't got that figured out but its not just a problem on tahoes i have a 2500 pickup which also does that ANSWER When was the last time you changed the oil engine?. Replace and check.

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