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How do i change the price on my Pepsi machine?

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I am trying to figure this out myself. Hopefully someone will come through for us.

Here is a table to show you the switches and how much they're worth... They are from left to right

Switch Cost -------- ------- Switch 1 5 cents Switch 2 10 cents Switch 3 20 cents Switch 4 40 cents Switch 5 80 cents Switch 6 $1.60 Switch 7 $3.20

How do you figure out which switches to turn on? You figure out the right combination of switches to produce the amount you want. Examples:

Pop Price Switches ON ---------- ------------ FREE THIS IS NOT A VALID SELECTION! 10 cents 2 25 cents 1 and 3 50 cents 2 and 4 55 cents 1 and 2 and 4 $1.00 3 and 5 $1.50 2 and 3 and 4 and 5

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How do you change flavor labels in vendo pepsi vending machine?

Depends on the soda machine

What was the price of Pepsi in 1980?

The price of a can or bottle of soda from a vending machine in 1980 was generally in the neighborhood of 25 cents.

What was the price of a Pepsi in 1955?


What are the 4 Ps of Pepsi?

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are the 4 Ps of Pepsi.

If the quantity demand of pepsi has decreased the best explanation would be...?

The price of pepsi has increased

What actors and actresses appeared in A Thin Line Between Coke and Pepsi - 2002?

The cast of A Thin Line Between Coke and Pepsi - 2002 includes: Ben Miskie as Pepsi Machine Kathleen Phelps as Coke Machine

Why if coco cola compny rises its price the pepsi company tends to increase the price of pepsi?

Citroen c4 is the best car ever ( fastest )

Does anyone in the Madisonville, TN area have a good working Pepsi machine that they would want to sell at a reasonable price?

The easiest place to search for used machines is on

What is the price 12 pack 12oz pepsi?


What is the price list of Pepsi products in India?


What is the price of a 1969 Pepsi bottle?

Approximately $100

Price of a 1969 Pepsi bottle?

Approximately $100

Price list of pepsi products in India?


Suppose the price of pepsi falls dramatically. How will this affect the market for coke (Microeconomics)?

need help!!!!!

What is the tagline of Pepsi?

change the game

How many cans of pepsi are in the MIT Swiss coke machine?


How much does a can of pepsi cost in US?

From a machine it can cost over $1

What is an antiqe light blue pepsi machine worth?

never mind

Did pepsi make a red soda machine?

No, I don't believe so. Pepsi has always been in a blue machine to my recollection (which got back a very long way.) Coca Cola has the red machines.

What was the price of Pepsi cola in 1958?


What is the price of an average drink of Pepsi?

Hello, The price of an average drink of pepsi which to me is za 16 oz. is $1 at the corner store and at other stores it is usually $1.29. Hope that helped.

How much did Pepsi cost in 1967?

The average price of a six pack of Pepsi was 59 cents. In the year 1945 the cost of a six pack of Pepsi bottles was 23 cents.

How many 20oz soda bottles can a new pepsi machine hold?


What year did Pepsi change their design?


How much money can you make with a vending machine?

It depends on the price of the vending machine, the price of the products, and the amount of visibility the vending machine has.