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pop the cover off that is between the front seats

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On top beside the intake on passenger side of vehical... You can trace coil wire from distributor to find

It is the only electronic device that you will find inside the distributor. Under the cap.

It's the distributor rotor that you are looking for & it's under the distributor cap. Remove the distributor cap and there you will find the rotor.

You can find the block heater cord behind the grill of your 2001 Chevy Astro. The cord will be on the drivers side of the grill.

You may be able to find the diagram on the Chevy site. You can also find diagrams in the back of the Haynes Repair Manual.

Service Manuel go to dealer ask for photocopy of section then take a car for a test drive....good time away from wife lol

Engine diagrams can be used as guides when it comes times to making necessary changes. An engine diagram to a 1999 Chevy Astro Van can be found in its maintenance and repair manuals.

GTRV at has a pop-top for Chevy Astro vans. They cost about $8-9000.00 installed. Tiger-Provan located in the U.S. who still makes a Chevy Astro with a pop-top roof and does a complete camper conversion. You can often find used Tiger Pro-Vans on and eBay. I have seen a "homemade" Chevy astro pop-top conversion that a couple of guys in Boulder, CO made by installing a used Volkswagon pop-top onto a Chevy astro. Have no idea how this worked out as to leakage etc.

All of the different wiring diagrams are in the back of the haynes repair manuals made for astro vans. you can get them at any autozone or advance

You can find a 1995 Chevrolet Astro Van fuse box diagram in the back of the owners manual. You can also find the fuse box diagram on the inside cover of the fuse box.

It is right behind the distributor. It is HARD to see and to get to.

Look where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine. There you will find the thermostat.

It's a distributor-less ignition system, so you're going to be looking for a long time in order to find it!

I found alot of Astro part at my local junk yard. most in very good shape. The only thing would be getting the correct color.

You maybe able to order it from a Chevy dealer or find a junk yard in your area

right in the owners manual, or inside of the fuse box door.

Fuel pumps on Astros are in the gas tank. You have to drop the tank to change them.

I own a 1990 Chevy Astro Van and the turn signal flasher is located underneath the steering wheel below the lever for the engine hood. An easy way to find it is to signal left and listen for the flasher unit clicking.

rev the engine to about 2500 rpm's and turn the distributor until you find that sweet spot.

You can find out in the repair manual for you vehicle.

Hi I am trying to find the thermostat on my Chevy ventur it is a 1998

Go to Autozone, in the HELP! section you will find replacement door handles for the Safari/Astro (they break that often) the instructions come with. This costs under $20

get a factory cap. its better and is marked and the firing order is on the intake

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