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How do i get data from my broken phone?


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IF the USB port works - connect it to a computer... If the USB port DOESN'T work... you'll have to take it to a repair shop - where they'll be able to extract the info.

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Depends on why the phone is broken in the first place. If you drove over it with a car, then the safe assumption is no, the data, SIM card or any other storage devices that may be in the phone would have been destroyed. If the phone was dropped and LEFT in water the chances are also pretty slim, however, if the phone was dried directly afterwards there is less likelihood of corrosion on the storage components. Easiest thing is to plug the phone in via a cable to a PC and check if the PC is able to read/ detect the device, else take out any storage cards that may be in the phone, transfer them to another phone and try to access the data.

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