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The 8th generation Honda Civic was introduced in 2005 for the model year 2006 through 2011.

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If it's from Model Years 2006 to 2011, it's an 8th Generation Civic.

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Q: How do i know if my Honda Civic is an 8th generation...?
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It is the same as the 8th generation Civic...which can be viewed here:

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A 1 Honda Civic 8th Gen. : Oil change + Tire rotation

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8th gen Honda civic 1.6L is

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8th gen civic si's have electric power steering,

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8th generation Civics (2006-up) have timing chains. Timing chains are more durable than timing belts. Unless there is a problem timing chains never get replaced; timing belts need replacing every 60,000 miles .

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