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this is how i fixed it idk if it will work for everyone tho.

1. go to control panel and open windows firewall

2. click on "allow a program or feature through windows firewall

3. click add another program

4. click browse

5. check the type of internet you use (exp: firefox, Google chrome, etc.)

6. click add

7. click ok

now go on Netflix and the movies should work :]

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You have to go into your netflix account on a pc and in account settings there is a cancel subscription button

Not one that will work on the Wii.

yes tivos made after 2007 work with netflix

no you cannot, you can only watch netflix on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and Nintendo 3ds.

no you cannot Only on Wii, PC, And Nintendo 3ds.

it doesn't... Netflix is for renting movies!

if u want to remote access your home PC from your work PC the best way is that if the both are at same place then make a cross cable and then join the both PC with the help of it

No. If you google hard to can find ps2 simulators you can run on a pc, but it is hard to make them work.

yes , you can but you have to make sure you buy the right CD for your PC other wise it will not work .

I can't tell the people that work for Netflix to stream Super Nanny, The Simpsons and Power Rangers Super Force on Netflix but I have requested it because my son is dying for these to come on Netflix.

You have to register on Xbox Live, and then go to the Netflix website to set up a Netflix account.

With an emulator see related links

it means instant streaming to pc, wii, nintendo 3ds

most definitely, IF you can make the ps3-controller work on the pc.

No, the XLC does not have the additional cables for it to work on the PC. I think that's probably one of the reasons the headset is cheaper than the likes of the X11 or X12 (they both work on PC). To be honest, you could probably find some sort of adaptor or splitter to make it work on your PC.

Netflix gets movies 1 week after the DVD is released not much point in buying the DVD if you have Netflix I use to work for Netflix I know with these type movies

I found out how to make it work when your search engine says it can not find netflix. Some times the DNS brakes on the netflix server. To make it work again: 1. Close all internet windows. 2. Go to your start menu 3. Select Control Panel 4. Select Network Connections 5. Right Click on the connection that is working, (your internet) 6. Select REPAIR 7. Open your browser again 8. Enjoy Netflix.

No,a PS2 controller will not work on your PC.

How do you make him what on the pc?

Yes, filters will work in any PC. However, make sure the filters are the right size for your computer (80 mm, 120 mm, &tc.)

Make sure the jack on your headphone is the correct size for the slot in your PC. You may be using a 2.5 mm jack for a 3.5 mm (standard) slot in your PC. Make sure the volume on your PC is up, too, from the start bar.

Yes, you need to make sure you buy the correct memory type for your PC otherwise it will not work.

NetFlix will require an Internet connection to work. Therefore, if you do not have an internet connection, you will not have Netflix working in your place of residence.

Yes u just need good internet and a netflix account

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