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Q: How do i pump up my car tyres In Italy?
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When a driver pumps up the tyres of a car what happens to the pressure inside the tyres?

The pressure increases.

Are car tires made up of an element?

Car tyres are made of up more than one element, at least carbon and hydrogen.

Why is there no static discharge at a gas station when the nozzle of the pump is brought up to the car's ful tank opening?

This is because the car's tyres are made of rubber (or a similar compound) which does not conduct electricity. Therefore even if the nozzle touches the car's metalwork there is still no route by which the static charge can reach the ground - so the charge does not flow.

How much do mud tyres cost?

How high is UP ?Many types and brands of "mud tyres".

What happens when you pump up a bicycle tire?

Air goes in it the pressure increases and the tire becomes harder. If you keep pumping it'll eventually blow up.

How do you Jack up a car?

First of all you get a jack. Under the car near the tyres, there is usually like circual rubber black dots. You out the jack on one of these, Preferebly the one that is clossest to your flat tyre. Once ir is under the car u then jack it up

Do you have to lift the car up before you pump up a tire when using an air compressor?

No, the air pressure will lift the car.

How can you make a toy car move?

you can make a toy car move with a ballon and pump by blowing balloon up and leting the pump go

Which gas is used to pump up race car tires?


If the oil pump is bad is your car will it blow your engine up?


What is the Goodyear Assurance Guarantee?

Goodyear Assurance tyres offer up to 20% more cushion than standard passenger tyres. The sidewalls of the Goodyear Assurance tyres provide balance for comfortable handling.

Could a car still fire up and run with a bad fuel pump?

No, but it could run with a weak fuel pump.