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How do i rewire a 1996 softail. help me to understand the stock diagram. install new switch and breakers?

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Need to know the Wiring diagram for starter relay on 82 harley heritage softail?

There is no such thing as a 82 Heritage Softail

What is required to remove and re install a front wheel on a Harley softail?

how do you remove front tire on 02 softail springer

Wiring diagram for a Harley softail?

Buy a service manual for your bike!

Find a free wiring diagram for a Harley?

2006 Harley alternator regulator schematic wiring diagram for a 1996 harley softail

How to troubleshoot Harley Davidson carburetor?

Carburetor diagram for a Harley-Davidson 03 softail

Hyow do you get a picture of a 1996harley Davidson softail wire diagram?

i suggest buying the repair manual.

Where can you find a schematic diagram for the starter and solenoid on a 1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail?

Demonds cycle

What is the oil line routing on 1997 softail? a diagram is at this site with pictures

How to find 1993 Harley Davidson ultra classic wiring diagram?

I have a 1993 softail wiring diagram. Probably a lot of similarities. Email me at and I'll email it back to you.

Do you have the starter schematics for a 1998 softail?

do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter?? do you have the schematics for a '98 softail starter??

Will the seat of a 2007 heritage softail fit on a 2003 heritage softail?

will a 2000 heritage softail seat fit a 1994

Will a rear wheel from a 2008 harley Davidson softail standard fit a 2007 harley Davidson softail standard?

2007 Was the last year of the Softail standard. 2008 they still made Softail Customs and the like, but not Standard. So.. NO, there is no such thing as a "wheel from a 2008 Softail standard"

What are the differences between a 1989 harley softail and a 1990 harley softail?


How do you install a new battery on a 2007 harley Davidson softail Heritage classic?

Find your battery. Remove the negative post first. Then positive. Install new battery. Hook up positive post first, then negative. VROOM!

Where do you find the wiring diagram for a stock 97 harley softail?

Back of service manual...If you don't have one, you NEED to get one. Best $40-$60 you'll ever spend

What are the names of some of the brands that produce softail motorcycles?

Harley-Davidson is probably the well known brand that produces softail motorcycles. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Victory Vegas also produce softail motorcycles.

Can you replace a starter engine on a softail custom 2007 with a softail 2006 starter engine?

probably. If they are both OEM, they are interchangeable

Where is the location of the main fuse on a Harley Davidson 2006 softail?

brake light fuse 2006 harley softail heritage

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2009 harley-davidson softail classic and a softail deluxe?

40 front and back

What is the tire air pressure for a Heritage Softail Classic?

On 2006 Heritage Softail Classic the rear is 40 and front is 37

What is a Harley Softail?

The softail has a swing arm with a shock system. Other models have two shocks mounted outside on pins.

How do you adjust a softail harley?

Adjust what???

What is a fxstsb harley?

Softail Crossbones

What does FLSTC stand for?

Softail Custom

How do you change oil in a 2000 heritage softail?

How do you change oil in a 2000 heritage softail? Are there 3 plugs to remove or just two?