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What is the stumbling block? You're attracted to your sister's friend, not your sister. People date friends of siblings all the time. Sometimes, they even marry them. Is there a serious age-difference problem here? If your sister's friend is inappropriately young, then tell no one and wait for her to grow up. If you are having inappropriate sexual thoughts often, you may wish to seek confidential counseling, especially if you think you will not be able to control yourself and may act upon those feelings.

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you just get close to her and when you are alone ask her questions like "do you think i should date a girl like..."but ask her questions that describe her and if shes says yes to all the questions then tell her how you feel

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Q: How do i tell my best friend's sister i love her?
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How do you tell a girl you love her if she is your best friends twin sister if your shy is there a way to drop hints or so thing?

Tell her "I love you"

How can I tell my best friend's sister that I am in love with her?

you can tell it to her personally or if you're to shy, you can let your bestfriend tell it. :)

What do you do if you like your best friends sister a little and you think she likes you?

Tell your friend that you like her

You love your best friends brother but were friends how do you tell him?

just be honest with your feelings or tell your friend first and hear what she has to say

How can you drop hints to tell a girl you like her if she is my best friends sister PS i think she likes me too?

Why can't you just tell her? Your best friend should support you and your sister and be happy for you to be happy.

Should aye tell my best friend am in love with his sister?

Your crazy...and he's your BEST friend! Hell no.

What do you do if your best friends boyfriend said he loves you?

Tell your boyfriend that they love you then hopefully they will step down a step on the love scale.

How do you tell your best friends boyfriend to back off of you?

Tell him you are not interested in him, and if you were, you would not see him, out of love and loyalty for your best friend.

What do you do when the person you love says your like a sister to them?

It means they just want to be friends for ever, and they can tell you anything and turn to you for anything

I love my best friend's sister how can i love her without ruining our friendship?

talk to your best friend and tell them how you feel. if they are truly your friend then they shouldn't care

How do you tell your best friend who love you that you dont love him and still be friends?

you just say look I'm not interested in you but would still like to be friends

How to end your sister's relationship?

This is a heart breaking... Tell her, you love her so much and I'll think of you also care for you. You're the best sister i ever have. I love you very much^^