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How do identical twins develop?


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Identical (monozygotic) twins develop from one zygote (fertilized egg) that splits into two embryos.


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Twins that develop from a single zygote are defined as identical twins.

Some twins are identical twins, other are not identical twins. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that subsequently splits into two zygotes. Non-identical twins, also called fraternal twins, develop from two different fertilized eggs.

Identical twins and non develop diffferently. Identical twins eggs split in two inside the womb while a non-identical twin is from a womb having two eggs

Identical twins develop from a single egg that splits into two.Identical twins can be so similar that their parents cannot tell them apart.

a single fertilized egg

Identical TwinsSometimes, after fertilisation, the fertilised ovum splits and divides into two balls of cells. Twins formed in this way are identical. They develop from the same ovum.Non-identical TwinsSometimes a woman's ovaries release two or more ova at the same time. If they all become fertilised, they all develop into babies. Twins formed in this way are non-identical. They develop from different ova fertilised by different sperms.

Identical twins may or may not share the same placenta . Identical twins develop when a fertilized egg splits. Depending on when the split occurs will determine if the twins share a placenta, with either one or two chorions and amnions, or if they each develop their own placentas.

If one egg is fertilized and as it begins to grow it divides into two separate zygotes (fetuses) then they can develop into identical twins. If two separate eggs are both fertilited at the same time they will develop into fraternal twins

If two (or more) eggs are fertilised and develop together you will get fraternal twins. Identical twins are the result of a single fertilised egg dividing into two embryos.

Identical twins are twins that develop from same egg. These twins have same genome, also they have same physical appearance with minimal differences.

100%Identical twins develop from the same egg, so have the same DNA. The only thing different between identical twins is finger prints, and retinal patterns.

No. Identical twins are identical. Fraternal twins are not.

Dizygotic twins develop from two separate ova fertilized by different sperm at roughly the same time, they are also called fraternal twins. Monozygotic twins develop from one zygote that splits apart producing genetically identical zygotes; also called identical twins.

Identical twins have the same genotype because they have the exact same genes. Identical twins are formed when one fertilized egg (zygote) splits in two and each of the now two zygotes each develop into different beings. Identical twins are therefore referred to as monozyygotic twins and they have the same DNA.

Twins develop when one egg is split in the uterus or when two separate eggs are fertilized.

They are called: fraternal or dizygotic twins. Twins who develop in one amniotic sac are called identical or monozygotic twins.

Actually, identical twins are produced when an egg and a sperm join together but then divided into two. Fraternal twins are two separate eggs fertilized by two separate sperm.

Fraternal. They develop from separate ova and are not genetically identical, so look different, can have different sex etc. Unlike "identical twins."

Conjoined twins result when the zygote of identical twins fails to completely separate. That being said, identical twins occur when a single zygote, that is, a fertilized egg, divides into two separate embryos. The embryos will then, with all conditions met, develop into fetuses sharing the same womb. When the zygote doesn't fully separate, the embryos develop into fetuses without dissolving their connection. Conjoined twins are always identical; fraternal (non-identical) twins are the result of two separate eggs being fertilized by two separate sperm and being so, avoid the incomplete division necessary to form conjoined twins.

In identical twins, the DNA is identical, which is what makes them identical. In Fraternal twins it is not.

Non-identical twins are called fraternal or dizygotic because they develop from two separate eggs that are fertilized by two separate sperm.

Twins are identical because they come from the same egg.

Identical means two or more things being exactly the same. Identical twins means twins that share the same genetic material. For some reason, a single embryo divides in half, and a fetus will develop from each half.

If they were not then they would not be called identical twins!

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