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How do industries influence the local economy?

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industries can affect in various ways ...

it can supply jobs , there is the selling and buying of products

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Types of industries and their role in local economy?

Anonymous; destroying the fabrics of life.

How does Orange River influence economy and political life?

Yes, the Orange River influences the economy and the political life because of the industries and people that depend directly on the river.

Did the emergence of local markets influence the economy in America during the colonial era?


Why should the government protect its local industries?

1. To allow the infant industries grow. 2.To allow local industries enjoy economies of trade. 3.To put to optimum use the scarce resources available. 4.To encourage exports as opposed to imports. 5.To enhance employment levels in the economy because more people will be employed in the local industries.

What industries drive the economy of Serbia?

The main industries that help the economy of Serbia, 23% of industry, 63% of serives, and 12% of agriculture. Those are the only 3 known industries that affect the economy.

How does American government influence economy?

The American government influences the economy in various ways. This is in form of collecting taxes, establishing new industries, maintaining proper infrastructure and so much more.

What is sugar industries?

in an economy

Types of industries and their role in influencing the local economy.?

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What are the industries of the galapagos archipelago?

Tourism is the largest industry in the Galapagos islands. Fishing also plays a large part in the local economy and sustainability.

What is Newfoundland's economy?

newfoundlands economy is domestic product and service industries.

What is the economy of Ireland Based on today?

The economy of Ireland is based on Industries today.

What industries drive France's economy?


What industries drive the economy in Austria?


What southern economy industries developed?


Strikes in which two industries in 1946 threatened the economy of the US?

Railroads and coal mining were the two industries in 1946 that had strikes that threatened the economy of the United States.

What are the advantages of Texas coastal plains?

the economy and industries

What were two industries in the southern economy?

agriculture and indigo

What are key industries owned by a socialist economy?


On what natural resources was the New England economy basedand the southern economy what industries developed?

they developed an economy based on farming

What is an economy based on mining or producing raw materials for foreign industries called?

industrial economy

What determines how much a product is demanded and how can the economy tell.?

the industries and the president controls it and tells the economy

Do primary industries matter?

Primary industries are vitally important to Australia, as they are the building blocks of our way of life. If Australia had no primary industries, then all of our basic needs (including food and timber) would need to be imported from other countries. Not only would this be incredibly expensive, but it would impact on our economy which relies on money and jobs created by our local primary industries

What type of economy is based on mining or producing raw materials to be used in foreign industries?

An industrial economy is based on mining or producing raw materials to be used in foreign industries.

How did the decisions to nationalize some important industries impact Britain's economy?

Forced the government to prop up industries.

Controlling money to influence the economy is called?

Fiscal policy is the controlling of money to have an overall influence of the economy. Fiscal policy is based on ideas from economist John Maynard Keynes.