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When changing the body types, keep in mind that the junior sizes are 2 inches smaller in the hip and bust than the misses.

Here's the size table in inches. Regular Size

Size BustWaist Hip

X-Small 31-32 23-24 33-34

Small 33-34 25-26 35-36

Medium 35-36 27-28 37-38

Large 37-38 29-30 39-40

Junior Plus Size

Size BustWaist Hip

X-Large 39-40 31-32 41-42

2XL 41-42 33-34 43-44

3XL 43-44 35-36 45-47

Junior sizes are for younger women and are usually cut slimmer in the bust and hips than misses sizes. They are designated by uneven sizes such as 1-13. Misses sizes are designated by even sizes such as 0-20. However, there is no uniform sizing system, and each manufacturer has a different standard (spec.)

Juniors sizes are smaller in the hips and bust. They also tend to run smaller, so a juniors 0 is smaller than a misses 0. Another difference is that juniors pants sizes use odd numbers i.e. 1/2 or 3/4 while misses sizes uses evens like 2/3 or 4/5. Women's sizes are a continuation of misses sizes, size 14/15 and up while juniors is a completely different scale.

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Q: How do junior and misses clothing sizes differ?
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What is the difference between misses and junior sizes?


If a girl wears a size 11 in junior sizes what is the size in womens?

She would wear a misses 10 or 12 depending on the fit because junior sizes are cut differently than misses sizes.

If a girl wears a size 3 in junior sizes what is the size in women's sizes?

Junior sizes are a slimmer cut and typically fall between the misses so a size 3 jr would be a misses 2 or 4. Misses are a little fuller cut so I would suggest the smaller size in misses.

How are junior clothing sizes different from regular sizes?

Junior clothing sizes are for teenagers and small adults, and therefore they are smaller than regular sizes. Usually they are 2 inches smaller in the hip and in the bust.

How do you convert junior size clothing to misses sizes?

Not a simple answerIt is not a simple conversion. What makes "junior" clothing different than "misses" clothing is the cut. Junior clothing is made for pre-teen and young teen girls who really don't have much of a shape yet. Even the larger sized will be cut more straight, not allowing for curves. Sometimes the pants and skirts will be a little shorter, too. Misses clothing is cut to allow the clothing to maintian its shape while allowing room for a chest and hips. Regular misses clothing is cut to fit a slightly taller person than regular junior clothing. On top of that, there is no standarized guidelines for sizing female clothing. If you have shopped different stores and different brand names, you know that you may be one size according to one store and a different size according to another.

What is the difference between misses and petitie sizes in women's clothing?

petite sizes are for shorter women

What is the difference between women's and misses sizes in women's clothing?

Womens's are the plus sizes and misses are the in shape one. I have no Idea why the separate the womens from the misses in my own opinion I believe that women's and misses are all the same things.

What is the difference between misses and talls in womens clothing?

Misses sizes are for heavier women or women with larger bodies and tall sizes are just longer. Sometimes the two body types coincide.

What is a missy size?

It is an intermediate size range of women's clothing. Missy means misses sizes.

How heavy are bats?

It can differ between junior and senior bats, sizes, and the user

What does misses' sizes mean?

When you see clothing that says misses' size it means it is slightly more petite than a normal woman's size. These sizes are generally for people who have smaller frames or short statures.

Are the clothes at Forever 21 junior's sizes?

Forever 21 sells clothing in a wide range of sizes - although not all sizes are necessarily available at all stores. The clothing sizes range from toddler to grownups and include sizes normally labeled "Junior" sizes.

Is misses sizes teenagers?


Where can you find juniors fashion in misses sizes?

Go to the store KOHLS to find juniors fashion in misses sizes.

What does a misses size 12 equal in a womens size?

Misses and womens sizes are cut differently and usually are not similar. Misses sizes are for averagely sized females where womens sizes are for plus-size or full-figured females.

What is the difference between junior and misses sizes in women's clothing?

Juniors is a section made specifically for teenagers and tend to follow younger people's trends. This is in general a tighter fit for shirts and pants for girls and tend to be looser for boys. Misses; however, is specifically for women and it concentrates on the fashion interests of young women, usually between the junior's styles and women's styles. It may include petite sizes and a more dressed up or more casual feel than the styles of junior girls. Also, the sizes tend to run a bit wider than the juniors because women tend to have larger bodies than junior girls who have not fully developed in their teenage years. The biggest difference other than possible style differences between juniors and misses clothing is the way the clothing is cut. Misses clothing is generally cut more generously in the bust and hips, where as juniors clothing is generally cut straighter. The size numbers are also different: juniors clothing is sized in odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, etc.), while misses clothing is sized in even numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, etc.). Additionally, the cut of the clothing is different because of body maturity. Back in the days (50's/60's) when most dresses were made of cotton and had "darts" as part of the shaping of the garment, the darts allowed for different placement of the bust. On a Junior size, the bust is higher on the chest wall than that of Misses sized clothing. This change usually will take place after having given birth, or eventually gravity will take it's course in women who never have children. This same change of nature also applies to the hip area in the way in which lower body clothing are cut between the two size catagories. In Junior sizing, the rise of the crotch area is shorter from waistline to inseam than that of Misses. This too is affected by the spreading of the pelvic region during the course of pregnancy/childbirth. Both size catagories may have the same bust/waist/hip measurements, but they will differ in the torso region as to where those corresponding body measurements will be.

What size is petite?

Petite is small. In ready to wear clothing there are junior petites and there are miss petites. The junior sizes are the odd numbered sizes such as 7, 9, 11, etc. The miss sizes are the even numbered sizes. Usually in a petite size the waist is raised about an inch in a dress or a top and the hems are a little shorter.

What products does Strawberry Stores sell?

Strawberry Stores is a fashionable New York store that specializes in clothing and accessories. Their clothes are made in the junior, junior plus and miss sizes.

What is the standard means for converting girls dress sizes and pant sizes from youth to junior?

that is not really possible you would have to buy it new you can only bring clothing in to make it smaller.

What is the difference between ladies and womens sizes?

if you're talking about misses and women's, misses is generally smaller and women's is larger or plus sizes there is none!

How does aeropostal sizes fit?

They are junior sizes and run small.

Fab or Frumpy Misses Size Dresses?

Are you looking for a special occasion dress for your next high school dance? Do you find it impossible to squeeze into the skimpy offerings in the Junior's department, or would your parents simply refuse to buy something like that? Either way, there is an answer for you that does not include wearing an old lady style dress and being the center of ridicule by all of your friends. The answer is misses size dresses. Misses sizes include the latest fashion trends and biggest designer names. The difference, is that Misses size means the clothing is cut with ample room in the hops, chest and legs for a normal sized woman. Juniors clothing fits only very small teens and women. It is not cut to fit most people and caters to a very select sample of the population. Dress shops and big department stores may be a great source for misses size dresses when you are looking for the right one for your upcoming event. Whether it's a formal, semi-formal or just a casual dinner event, there will be a good option for you. Don't waste your time being upset about not fitting into junior's sizes. As mentioned earlier, some people never can. Misses sizes are the ones that are cut for most people and therefore, a majority of women find themselves shopping in the Misses department for all of their clothing needs. Clothing buyers realize that Misses sizes mean more than just business attire. As you watch the changing fashion trends, understand that buyers are doing their best to get these trends into stores in the sizes that women actually wear. Clothing manufacturer's are working to produce high fashion clothing in a variety of sizes and styles. This includes working to produce Misses clothing that fits the fashion tastes of all women. Misses size dresses are a great option and come in many different styles and levels of formality. You will definitely be able to find the right dress for your big night out if you take some time to check out what the dress stores and department stores have to offer.

Do dress sizes differ with each clothing designer (ie. is a size six in one style the same as a size six in another)?

Dress sizes vary widely with each women's clothing designer. So much so that you would be best advised to try prospective clothing on first.

What is a juniors 7 in misses?

approx. 2 sizes lower

How do you convert kid sizes into junior sizes?

maybe small medium