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How do lawn mowers use oil?

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Um... because they have an engine like your car that has moving parts and cylinders... only significantly smaller?

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Why do lawn mowers use oil?

To lubricate the motor to prevent overheating and wear and tear on the engine

Do lawn mowers use 2 cycle oil?

Two-cycle lawnmower engines are rare.

Do you have oil filters for Briggs and Stratton- lawn mowers?

Lawn tractors have oil filters.push mowers don't. Change oil more frequanetly in a push mower engine.hope this helped. S.g.

What kind of oil does lawnmowers use?

Lawn mowers can take 2 stroke or 4 stroke oil depending on the type of engine. If unsure contact your lawn mower provider.

What type of oil for a ranch king riding lawn mower?

Most all riding mowers use SAE 30 oil.

What did they use before lawn mowers?


Is sae 30 non-detergent oil the same as motor oil for a car?

No. Do not use in your car. It is for use in some lawn mowers and aircompressor motors.

Who makes lawn pro lawn mowers?

Poulan Pro manufactures Pro Lawn Lawn mowers.

What oil do lawn mowers take?

generally a quality 30 weight

Are lawn mowers robots?

The majority of lawn mowers are not robots. That is not to say that all lawn mowers are not robots. Some companies have been manufacturing robotic lawn mowers (Lawnbott, Norman, etc.)

Is a lawn mower a durable good?

Lawn mowers are not destroyed after a single use, and they retain usefulness for many years, so, yes, lawn mowers are durable goods.

Which cycle oil do you use in lawn mowers?

It can vary between 30W and 10W30. L-heads use 30W, OHVs often use 10W30.

When was Sensation Lawn Mowers created?

Sensation Lawn Mowers was created in 1944.

When did Sensation Lawn Mowers end?

Sensation Lawn Mowers ended in 1951.

Murray lawn mowers what kind of oil goes in Hydrostatic Drive?

20-50 motor oil

Are john deere lawn mowers better than the others?

Some John Deere lawn mowers are better than other lawn mowers, it all depends on what lawn mowers your comparing. I would do some research on what types of engines, and blades come in the mowers, stuff like that.

How to change oil filter on lawn mower?

most lawn mowers don,t have a oil filter, unless there up in the 20 hp range, or larger,

What type of oil goes into lawn mowers?

10 w 30 or straight 30w

What is the gas oil ratio for lawn mowers?

generally in a lawnmower you use straight gas. there should be oil in the crankcase for engine lubrication. check the owners manual for proper oil weight

What formula do you use to convert 139cc to horse power on lawn mowers they give you cc now instead of horse power on the lawn mowers?

мотокультиватор expert 139cc

How lawn mowers push failed?

Your lawn mower failed because the rotor belt needs oil. This is the fact in most cases

How are zero turn lawn mowers different than traditional lawn mowers?

Zero turn lawn mowers different than traditional lawn mowers in a fe important ways. One- they have a turning radius on zero which means they leave little to no lawn un-cut during mowing. This means less trimming or edging. They also tend to not have steering wheels but use turn levers instead.

What are the benefits of using the lawn mower?

Some people tend to use their lawn mowers for their lawn care but i have found that when you use it for dental hygine and it is very effective.

How are lawn mowers used?

lawn mowers are used to mow lawns so ur grass is shorter.

where can I find a used riding lawn mower?

You can find used riding lawn mowers on ebay and at any location that sells used lawn mowers. You can also find used lawn mowers at yard sales and state sales.