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In order to activate the axle lock you must first shift into 4L (4wd low). Once in 4L, press the switch once to lock the rear axle, a second time to also lock the front. Pressing the switch a third time will unlock the front axle but keep the rear axle locked. A fourth press will once again engage the front axle in addition to the rear axle. In this manner you can easily toggle between having only the rear axle locked and having both axles locked. This is a useful feature for off-road applications where hard pulling is required (lock both axles), interspersed with maneuverability (rear axle lock only). It is very difficult, but not impossible, to turn while the front axle is locked. Pull up on the switch to unlock axles- this can be done with either the rear or both axles locked. Notice, the instrument panel will indicate which axle(s) is/are locked. It is an air activated locker- pressing the button activates an air compressor located near the transmission (sitting on the rear edge of the skid plate, driver's side) which engages the locker of one or the other differential, locking the spider gears inside a differential together. This forces the tires of one axle to spin at the same speed. When the locker is not engaged, the wheel with least resistance will spin while the other remains still. This is not ideal for off-road applications, particularly in mud or snow.

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Q: How do lockers work on a 2004 jeep Rubicon?
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