How do male stoneflies attact other mates?

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they beat there abdomens on a tree or rock
(beating there abdomens means they go back and forth in a humping motion)
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How long do male cats mate for?

Generally speaking, the mating process in cats is brief, but often very loud. Cats usually mate multiple times, often with different partners if they are nearby. A male cat has no part in caring for the female cat or her kittens when they arrive.

Why are other dogs trying to mate with the younger male dog?

They aren't trying to mate with them; humping has very little to do with dominance, and only a small chance it is a sexual-based behaviour. Most of the time, it is because the dog is anxious or over-excited, and humping is said to help relieve the building stress. It can happen both during play or a ( Full Answer )

When do female and male animals mate?

All animals have different mating seasons. A mating season is the period when a female animal's estrous cycle is active, signaling animals to mate. This is also referred to as being "in heat." Cats, cows and pigs can go into heat several times a year. Sheep, goats, deer, foxes and elk go into hea ( Full Answer )

At what age can a male dog mate?

at least age 2... Really? Oh i thought on age 1... well that's when my dog had mate (girl)-Jane Rhee

How can you mate your male and female beta?

mating a male and female beta is simple,but you cannot just put a male and female together expecting them to depends on how agresive your beta is.if you do not introduce them correctly the male will most likely kill the female. you will know he is ready to mate when he blows a bubble nest.

With what Pokemon do a male sceptile mate?

a female sceptile or a ditto! im guessing the female sceptile and the male one have 2 havbe the same nature... just a guess! ditto ALWAYS WORKS!

Will a Leo male cheat on his mate?

Leo Males Cheating on Mate: . Being a Leo will have nothing to do with whether or not he is going to cheat. His character, demeanor and morals that reflect his individuality as well as his will power will be what will determine if he will and only he knows that - you just can't tell.

Do male and female lions mate?

only the female lions ... Well there is your answer !! In the herd of lions there is one dominant male and the rest are females, the females only mate with the dominant male of the herd, hope this was helpful!

What age can male cats mate?

People say when the six months but my cat Mystic is only about 3 months and hes already mounting Angel my girl cat...

Why does male attack female after mating?

\nThat only happens with some animals. You have to be more specific. Most animals do so to show that they are stronger than the female no matter what.

Can a male dog mate with women?

Sure they can. It's an old practice that has gone on for centries.. Its forbidden, taboo, and lots of moral issues - but it is done.

How do you get your female and male dogs to mate?

Just try make them spend more time together. maybe get something for them they could share? or if you're out and you're not bringing them with you, you can put them together in a certain area, maybe a room, living room, etc,.

What are Male cats behavior when mating?

Male cats are alert, but they have a firm hold on the female's scruff because it hurts the female when they are mating, and she might lash out at him because sharp barbs on his you know what are hurting her insides while he cums.

Can male dogs mate with male dogs?

Male dogs can't mate with male dogs. Humping has very little to do with dominance, and only a small chance it is a sexual-based behaviour. Most of the time, it is because the dog is anxious or over-excited, and humping is said to help relieve the building stress. It can happen both during play or ( Full Answer )

What is the earliest a male dog can mate?

A male dog can mate as soon as he realizes that his drive for mating can happen. His testosterone kicks in and he is off to a beautiful start no matter the age.

Do male rabbits bite when mating?

Yes, it is quite normal... my bucks tend to bite the ears or lower neck area when mating my does, don't worry its natural! gay

How do a male and a female catfish mate?

Catfish mate in the springtime, in warm water. The type of insemination that is most common tends to be internal. The male catfish may place his sperm in the oral cavity of the female catfish, and she may also allow the sperm to pass into her digestive system . Catfish do not leave their eggs, they ( Full Answer )

How do you mate with a male on WolfQuest?

You do not see the mating, it is in slough creek (the new episode) there you can raise your four pups, feed them, protect them, mark your territory, have a den, although you cant go in it. and when you are done you have to protect your remaining pups, and take them to their summer den i think it was ( Full Answer )

Why insects kill the male after mating?

The Praying Mantis sometimes kills the male during mating. The Black Widow spider (which is not an insect) may also do this.

Should you mate your male hamster?

Well having hamster pups can be a bit of work but when the femalehamster has her babies then the work is done in till they get 8weeks old then if they are Syrians then you have to separate thembut if they are dwarfs they can be together but there cannot be aodd number of baby hamsters or the even nu ( Full Answer )

Can male gerbils mate?

Only if you introduce a female to them. 2 males on their own will not mate

Does the alpha male wolf have to have a mate?

yes, they must have a mate because the alpha male and the alpha female are the only ones who are allowed to have pups. Without a alpha female(the alpha males mate)then there would be no more puppies. Without puppies, then the pack would die away

How do male and female cats mate?

They first as the term uses it "get in heat" while the male cat bites the scruff of the female cat so she wont squirm durinng the process he then starts penetration which takes about 4 seconds and obviously do their thing which can most of the times go up to 4 minutes :D hoped this helped :)

How do you mate with a male in WolfQuest?

well, if your on story, then you must find a mate and it just automatically happens but if you aren't on story.... you cant mate so there's that.

Why does young dog try to mate with other male dog?

Its not mating - its just humping. Humping is a natural behaviour to a dog, and has very little to do with dominance, and only a small chance it is a sexual-based behaviour. Most of the time, it is because the dog is anxious or over-excited, and humping is said to help relieve the building stress. I ( Full Answer )

Can a neutered male cat mate?

A neutered male cat may still induce mating, or engage in sexual behavior with another cat, but he will not be able to impregnate the other cat.

How do male lyrebirds mate?

they do an elaborate song and dance routine to attract the female and then mate much as other birds do when she accepts him.

Do male cats mate with other male cats?

Answer: No male cats can't breed together. There would have to be a female cat and a male cat to have kittens. Just like humans! Except humans would have babies not kittens. Answer: The question was not 'can male cats BREED with other male cats' - the question was 'do male cats mate with other ( Full Answer )

Do male animal mate with male animal?

Male animals usualy do not mate with other males but many mythological animals don't base their sexual culture on gender. Even dogs occasionally mate with the same gender. It is not uncommon for two of the same gender to mate.

What do male dogs do if they don't have a mate for mating?

Unneutered male dogs that are unable to mate will generally use inanimate objects (i.e. pillows, blankets, and the jacket you left on the couch) as substitutes for mates. They may even decide your leg or your four-year-old toddler makes for a nice couple of minutes. These dogs are prime for showing, ( Full Answer )

Do male parakeets mate with their kids?

if lonely and if you nudge them tored each other to train them to but no not very much but if you encourage them they just might

Will a male dog mate if he is fixed?

No. He might try, depending on how old he was when he was fixed and how recently he was fixed. He might not totally lose interest. But since fixing, or neutering, a dog means removing his testicles, he will no longer be able to produce sperm. Ordinarily traits like interest in females, aggression, w ( Full Answer )

How do you make the male cat mate?

You can't really 'make' a cat mate. You can introduce it to a female and just hope for kittens, but be patient.

How do you stop male dogs from trying to mate each other?

They aren't trying to mate. When dogs mount each other (even female to female or male to spayed female), it's an attempt to establish pack order/dominance. This often happens when one dog owner brings their dog over to the home of another dog owner. If it's happening with two dogs that live under th ( Full Answer )