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Millipedes use their powerful jaws to eat only plant matter, including decaying leaves.

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Do millipedes eat leaves?

Yes, apparently they DO eat leaves, my millipedes eat rotten ones though!

Why millipedes eat dead food?

Millipedes eat dead food because it has a lot of nutrients in it.

What do centipedes and millipedes eat?

millipedes eat decaying plant material, and centepides eat insects. they like to eat dead bodies of bugs.

Do millipedes eat earthworms?


Do spiders eat millipedes?


Do centipedes eat millipedes?

Centipedes Dont eat Millipedes. They will just kill them.

Do rats eat millipede?

Occasionally in the wild, rats will eat millipedes. However, there are some millipedes in existence that are large enough to eat rats.

How do millipedes get their food?

Pill Millipedes eat their food off the forest floor during autumn. They eat decayed leaves.

Do a mouse eat millipede?

Assuming that the millipedes are not toxic or venomous; yes mice can eat millipedes and other bugs of that sort.

Who eat millipedes?

none none

Do millipedes eat the same thing centipedes do?

No. Millipedes eat decaying matter while centipedes can eat small insects.

Do snakes eat millipedes?

Yes snakes do eat millipedes, especially vipers. They love to feast on millipedes as they are comprehensively further up in the food chain. Also, vipers specifically enjoy feasting on Mitch's Millipedes...

How do you keep millpedes at pets?

what do millipedes eat

What eats a milipede?

Meerkats eat millipedes.

Are rolly pollys blind?

what do millipedes eat

Do finches eat millipedes?

Yes actually they do

Can African Pygmy Hedgehogs eat millipedes?


Do people eat millipedes and centipedes?


Do millipedes eat a rose bush?

NO. not at all

What can millipedes eat?

Most Millipedes species live in and eat decaying plant matter so they herbivores, however, a few species are predators and scavengers

What eats millipedes?

Different types of animals eat millipedes, including hedgehogs, herons, shrews, robins, scorpions, reptiles, and ground beetles. Millipedes are multi-segmented arthropods that are scavengers and eat decaying plant matter.

Do both centipedes and millipedes have fangs?

No. Only centipedes eat living insects. Millipedes eat decaying matter and don't need fangs nor venom.

What do millipedes eat and drink?

they eat decayed plant matter and drink water

Are millipedes carnivores or herbivores?

Well, a lot of millipedes eat decaying plant materials, so basically they are herbivores.

What does a sand fish eat?

Sand fish eat small invertebrates, especially millipedes.