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The dendrite carries messages to the cell. The axon carries messages away from the cell. These messages travel to the nerves ,that goes to the spinal cord, to the brain.

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Neural messages are transferred using neurons. The neurons carrying small electrical messages to the brain and to each other.

neurons are part of a nervous system and they transmit messages to other neurons who send those messages to the brain so that the brain can react by sending an impulse or something

Neurons send and return messages to each other.

The neurons in the body take the messages and they go to the brain and back to the body. if we didn't have neurons we woudn't know what we felt or other 5 senses, about something..

The function of the nerve cell is to transmit messages to other parts of the body such as the brain. Neurons then transmit these messages throughout the brain.

The axon does not receieve messages from other neurons. The job of the axon is to carry messages away to other neurons in the brain. Some axons can be as long as 1 meter long.

Yes! The axon carries messages received by the dendrites to other neurons.

Neurons. Synapses. Look em up. It's one of those.

Neurons or nerve cells are highly specialized and have the ability to transmit messages at a rapid rate. Neurons are the basic working units of the brain and they convey messages to other nerve cells, muscle cells or gland cells.

lies between sensory neurons and motor neurons, and some take messages from one side of the sponal cord to the other or from the brain to the cord, and vice versa

Brain has neurons, which send impulse to each other. Similarly brain send impulse to each and every cell and receive them continuously. Hope that I am correct.

Efferent neurons carry impulses from your brain and spinal cord to other nerves, glands, and muscles in your body. the central nervous system

If you're asking what cells carry these messages, then your answer is efferent neurons. Afferent neurons carry signals from the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system (spine and brain) where they interface with interneurons, which process the information they receive from the afferent neurons. The interneurons then send a response through the efferent neurons to the relevant body parts.

A bundle of neurons makes up a nerve, which will send messages from parts of the body to other areas.

It carries messages from other neurons to a cell body.

The brain is like the central control system of the body. The brain sends messages to and receives messages from other organs and systems.

The brain receive messages from the other parts of the body through nerve impulses.

Neurons that convey messages between neurons are called interneruons, and can be located anywhere in the body! They may be involved in more complex reflex arcs, or simply be synapses in between other neurons to be conveyed to other areas in the nervous system. Interneurons can either be sensory or motor. :)

What is the name for a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body

They allow neurons to communicate with each other

dendrites are the finger like cells on the end of a neuron, they collect messages through other neurons or the nerves in the human body, these messages are passed through the Nervous Systems towards the brain where the brain sends instructions back through the body so a reaction can occur.

the part of the neuron that carries messages to the cell body is your penis

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