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Giant Pandas

How do pandas eat?

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The giant panda eats bamboo. It climbs bamboo trees and rips of branches. The giant panda eats 4 tons of bamboo a year!

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What type of grass do pandas eat?

Pandas do not eat any grasses. They eat bamboo.

Do fish eat pandas?

No, fish do not eat pandas.

Do pandas eat metal?

No, pandas do not eat metal.

Do pandas eat meat?

no, they eat bamboo!

Do pandas eat people?

No, pandas only eat bamboo.

What do pandas have to eat in the wild?

Pandas have bamboo to eat in the wild.

What do pandas usually do?

pandas eat

Do giant pandas eat fish?

pandas will eat fish sometimes

What do black and white pandas eat?

what do black and white pandas eat

What do giant pandas always eat?

Giant pandas eat bamboo.

What are pandas favorite thing to eat?

Pandas favorite thing to eat is bamboo they eat a lot of it

What more pandas eat?

Pandas eat about 33 pounds of bamboo a day

What kind of shoots do pandas eat?

Giant pandas eat bamboo shoots.

What kind of soup do pandas eat?

Pandas only eat bamboo. No soup.

Do pandas eat eucalyptus?

No. Pandas eat bamboo. Some people confuse pandas and koalas, believing that koalas eat bamboo. This also is untrue.

What animals do the giant pandas eat?

Pandas are mostly known to eat bamboo. However, pandas eat small animals too like rodents. And they also eat insects.

Do pandas eat mushrooms?

pandas don't eat mushrooms but red pandas do. Pandas have a basic diet of mostly bamboo and leaves. hope this helps xxx

Where do giant pandas get their food?

giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat giant pandas just break the bamboos off and eat

Information about pandas?

Pandas eat bamboo . Panda's are endangered . Pandas are a bear.

Do tigers eat pandas?

yes, tigers will eat pandas and any other animal

What part of bamboo do pandas eat?

Pandas eat only the leaves and shoots of the bamboo.

Do pandas eat vines?

Yes, pandas do eat vines if they can't find bamboo.

How often do red pandas eat?

how often do red pandas eat

What do pandas like to do?

Pandas love to eat bamboo

What are pandas sight like?

pandas eat pie