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People can easily become intoxicated when consuming too much alcohol. Alcohol affects each person differently but there are general guidelines as too how many drinks causes one's blood-alcohol level to be too high to operate a vehicle. Drinking on an empty stomach or drinking quickly can cause intoxication rapidly.

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Q: How do people act when drinking?
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The answer has nothing to do with color: people tend to behave when intoxicated as they believe intoxicated people do. In those societies in which people do not believe that drinking causes disinhibition, it does not have that effect. In societies that view intoxication as an excuse for otherwise unacceptable behavior, people tend to act inappropriately when intoxicated. When people are falsely led to believe that they have been consuming, they tend to act as if they had been drinking. Likewise, when people are falsely led to believe that they have not been drinking alcohol but have, they tend not to act so intoxicated. I know of no evidence that black men are more abusive when intoxicated than any other category of men.

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The Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 was a federal law that boosted the drinking age from 18 to 21.

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