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They research a software system, looking for vulnerabilities. Then they engineer code which exploits these vulnerabilities.

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Q: How do people design computer viruses?
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What are the causes of computer viruses?

People create viruses on their computers, then the virus spreads to other computers when people visit websites or such with viruses.

Why do people have antivirus?

To protect their computer from viruses

How do people give your computer viruses?

They are evil

How are computer viruses caught?

uncareful people

What percentage of people have computer viruses?


Why it is that there are many computer viruses?

People are trolls

Who are the developer of computer viruses?

The people who made computer virus are unkown.

What cause computer virus?

Malicious (evil) people create computer viruses.

Why some people research a computer virus in computer course?

In general, computer viruses are the most sleek, compact, efficient, and purpose driven computer progams in the world. Studying their design is helpful in designing any program which wants to emulate those qualities.

What are backdoor programs?

They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected. They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected.

How are computer viruses like biological viruses?

Computer viruses are called "viruses" after the biological type of virus because of a few similarities:Computer virusesare self-spreading and reproductivespread to other computers (through internet, email, CDs, usb keys)damage the host computer andcan be prevented by "vaccination" or telling anti-virus software to block all flagged softwareHowever it is vital to realize that computer 'viruses' are malicious scripts invented by people, while biological viruses are proteinaceous particles which are often not created by people.

Who designe computer virus?

Idiots design computer viruses ! They think its funny to get peoples computers to crash - without considering the consequences of what they're doing !

What effects do viruses have on people and the environment?

they can ruin you worksite and computer.

How many people get viruses on there computer a year?

12 million

Why are there computer viruses?

Bad people like to to bad things to computers, and they created a virus for the computer.

How are active viruses different from hidden viruses?

Active viruses means that they are currently on your computer and destroying it. Hidden viruses means that they are viruses that are about to attack your computer.

Why do people call viruses living when they are not?

Computer viruses can mimic the self replicating abilities of a virus. Hence they were nicknamed this.

Why do computers have viruses?

There are bad people in the world, and they want to assess your computer or ruin it for you. They create viruses to do the dirty work for them.

How do you get viruses out of computer?

by anti-viruses

Can yahoocom give your computer viruses?

No does not give your Computer viruses

Who writes computer viruses?

There have been stereotypes regarding who writes computer viruses, but the truth is the people who write computer viruses come from various walks of life. However, the majority of virus writers do tend to be male between the ages of 14 and 24.

Why do computer viruses exist?

Well... I do like to say that "computer viruses" exist like something and make a computer to be a FOOL. You see, computer viruses are not created like other living viruses. They are created by....

Are computer viruses and biological viruses the same?

No. Computer viruses only affect computers. Biological viruses affect animals and humans.

How are real viruses unlike computer viruses?

a computer virues afects your computer and a virues afects you

What are the 3 types viruses?

Computer viruses, Macro Viruses, and Directory Viruses