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They dress like people in any other western-world country.

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Q: How do people in Germany dress and what does their hair look like?
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How do people dress in Germany in 2007?

== == they dress just like the united states, jeans and a black t-shirt.

How do Netherlands dress?

Like people in the UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, ect.

What do people in Germany dress like?

women wear Dirndl and men wear Lederhosen

How do Uganda people dress?

they dress like Indian people they dress like Indian people they dress like Indian people

What can you dress up as to dress up like duchess?

a big puff dress and put your hair up and curl it

How do people in Israel dress?

People dress in Israel just like you and me. They wear what they want and follow fashion. There are some cultures that have a different dress, but the majority dress like regular people dress in America or Europe.

What do teens in Germany dress like?

They dress pretty much the same as teens in north america.

What does French people natural hair color?

It is brown if they are not mixed with other countries like Germany or Irish because their hair can turn blonde.

How do people dress in Latvia?

People in Latvia dress like people in Europe.

How do people dress in Canada?

they dress very normally, like the way people in the USA or /Europe dress.

What hair colour goes with a black dress?

A like redish color

How do servants dress?

Servant' dress like poor people?