How do people in Michigan make a living?


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people in Michigan make a living by getting a job and buy thing that they need

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The majority of people living in Michigan earn their living from the land. This might include farming or fishing careers.

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they made the money by working or tradeing with rich farmers or rich people.

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they make a living by fishing and hunting

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people make a living by opening hotels and lodges

People make a living in the northern from ship building and the cod industry.

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people make a living in Wyoming by doing good deeds like we do on this earth

people make a living by killing animals and harvesting crops for food and goods

People in Quebec make a living by working for the government, paper mills, and mines.

how do people make a living in Egypt? -Well what i learned is that how people in Egypt made a living is by planting crops which then provides food.~hope that helps!!!

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5 members of Michigan started to follow the legislature in 1896. They had a argument to wether or wether not to make Michigan a state. Soon they voted with the Michigan people and that's how it got started

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