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Pigs do not hum, they snort, grunt or squeal.

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What do Sikhs do when they get to the golen temple?

my hums my hums get fraky deaky with my lady hums my hums

What is the function of the diaphragm in adult pigs?

To help pump oxygen to the pigs lungs.....:)

How does people help pigs?

How us people help pigs is by giving them a home in a barn, giving them company, and also we feed them.

Did the pigs help the other animals work on the harvest?

If you are asking about the leader pigs in the book "animal farm" then no they didn't help

What kind of adaptations do pigs have?

Pigs noses are adapted to help them dig for food. Pigs have feet to be able to walk and run.

Do pigs need help with their pregantces?

no they do not need help with their pregnancies

What temperature do micro pigs need?

what the heck are micro pigs!!! and also pigs don't walk! they are little, dumb fairy pigs that help the toothie fairy!

What type of song does Edward write for Bella?

He writs a Lullaby for Bella. Called, Bella's Lullaby. He plays it all the time and to help her sleep he hums it .

Do pigs help us?

yes. without pigs we wouldn't have pork, hot dogs, or ham.

What has the author Manfred Hums written?

Manfred Hums has written: 'Zahlen, Masse und Mengen' -- subject(s): Russian language, Quantifiers, Numerals, Semantics, Syntax

Why are guys pigs?

Guys are pigs because they can't help it. They are born like that. They don't care about anything.

What do pigs use their snout for?

It's to help them dig.

When did hummingbird get hes name?

Because when they flap their wings it hums.

Can you feed pigs barley and oats?

are we talking about food pigs or pet pot bellies. food pigs, yes, but they need other thing to help them grow...pet pigs, i wouldn't. there is food made for them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Straw?

guinea pigs need to eat straw to help them digest their food properly :)

My 1995 ford explorer limited hums in the rear section after you turn it off only for about 10 seconds but sometimes it hums randomly?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I wonder if that has anything to do with the air suspension ?

Do male guinea pigs have to be separated from their babies?

No,some male guinea pigs actually help clean and care for babies

What rhymes with crumbs?

Mums, Bums, Sums, Comes, Hums, Numbs,

What is the present tense of hum?

I/you/we/they hum. He/she/it hums. The present participle is humming.

Is it dangerous if light switch hums?

yes because it can shock or explode

Why does a refrigerator hum?

It hums because it is using electricity from your house or apartment

What is the purpose of hooves in pigs?

Help them navigate through mud

Are guinea pigs harmful?

No they get scared and some times bite i love guinea pigs well hope this i help full from,guineapigpepper

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