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yes. without pigs we wouldn't have pork, Hot Dogs, or ham.

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How does people help pigs?

How us people help pigs is by giving them a home in a barn, giving them company, and also we feed them.

When did pigs come into the US?

Pigs came into in 1335 Pigs came into in 1335

How many pigs in us?

Most men are pigs

How do pig help us?

Pigs help us in many ways. Since you have catagorized this question under guinea pigs and pigs, I'm going to give you a list of how I think each of these animals is helpful tob humans. Pigs- pig arteries and pieces of pig heart can be used to prolong the life of human patients that are waiting to receive a heart transplant, pigs are a source of nourishment to many people, pigs also have a very good sense of smell and can find truffles in the forest, pigs also can be tamed and make good pets. Guinea Pigs- Guinea pigs have been used to conduct experimental drug trials, because of guinea pigs, we have many drugs that help humans every day. Guinea pigs also make great pets and you can breed and show pure-bred guinea pigs at shows put on by the National Cavy Breeders Association.

How do pigs help hums?

Pigs do not hum, they snort, grunt or squeal.

What do pigs provide us with?

Pigs provide us with pork, a type of meat, and bacon, sausages, etc.

Did the pigs help the other animals work on the harvest?

If you are asking about the leader pigs in the book "animal farm" then no they didn't help

Did the pigs help the other animals work on the harvest in animal farm?

No pigs did not.

What is the function of the diaphragm in adult pigs?

To help pump oxygen to the pigs lungs.....:)

Why are pigs also pets?

There are different types of pigs;Farm Pigs- Used for feeding us.Wild Pigs- Pigs that live in the wild.Domesticated Pigs- pigs that are able to live in your home as a pet; as the others can not.

What eat pigs?


Where does the US get its pork?

from pigs

WHAT is pigs eaten by?


What kind of adaptations do pigs have?

Pigs noses are adapted to help them dig for food. Pigs have feet to be able to walk and run.

How do pigs help humans?

you get bacon

How many guiena pigs are in the us?

That is a very hard question to answer because more guinea pigs are being born in the USA constantly, but there are thousands of guinea pigs in the US.

Do pigs need help with their pregantces?

no they do not need help with their pregnancies

What temperature do micro pigs need?

what the heck are micro pigs!!! and also pigs don't walk! they are little, dumb fairy pigs that help the toothie fairy!

I like pigs Dogs look up to us Cats look down at us Pigs treat us as equals?

This is a quote by Winston Churchill.

How does pig help people?

The first and most obvious way that pigs help people is by feeding us. Millions of pigs are slaughtered and then served as ham, bacon and pork. ( also pigs ears 4 dogs!) Pigs can also be trained as truffle hunters. Truffles are a type of fungus that grows underground and they are worth thousands of dollars. Pigs are used to hunt them out using their snouts. Pig poo is great fertilizer! Believe it or not, pigs are very smart and make great pets. They can be toilet trained, trained to do tricks and have a very friendly nature. Pigs help people in many ways, from being friendly pets to dedicated truffle hunters!

Why are minerals important to us?


Is chewing gum made from pigs?

Yes pigs do provide us chewing gum! :)

Why are guys pigs?

Guys are pigs because they can't help it. They are born like that. They don't care about anything.

What does We don't rent pigs mean?

"You cannot rent a pig, nor multiple pigs, from [us]."

How did having pigs help us gain wealth and power in the world?

because of the pork we eat, pork is one of the meats people eat the most.