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How do plastics help save energy?

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For example, think of soda pop bottles. Glass bottles are heavier than plastic ones. A truck carrying glass bottles would need more fuel to compensate for more weight compared to a truck carrying plastic bottles.

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How does turning off the lights help save energy?

Turning off the lights when not needed can help save electricity. Consequently, this can help save energy.

Slogans for plastics?

save trees by banning plastics

Slogans for no to plastic?

save plastics save earth

Slogans on against use of plastics?

say no to plastics and save your earth

What purpose was the windmill invented?

This is is because they help save energy and help make wind energy.

How can conserving energy help prevent energy shortages?

If you save energy you can't have a shortage because if a shortage is about to happen the energy that you save will take over the energy that is running out.

How does recycling help save energy?

it saves the world

How does insulating a house help save energy?

it doesnt

How can you help protect the frozen seas?

all you have to do is save energy to prevent global warming.And you can help save pollution in the seas.

What is Shipley Energy's motto?

The motto of Shipley Energy is 'The energy to help U save.'.

How do you slow down population growth?

help save energy

What does Denmark do for Canada?

we help Canada how to save energy and produce cheap and natural energy from windmills

Why is taking the bus help save energy?

Because then you are not wasting energy by driving another car.

Is the UK government wasting our money?

Yes save energy and importantly recycle.To help save our money.

What are uses for windmills?

windmills are there to help save energy and renew electricity.

What you can do to help the environment?

Save energy, save water, save fuel, recycle, don't trow garbage and minimize the production of garbage by your family.

Do energy comparison sites help save money?

"Energy comparison sites can help you save money. They work by comparing prices between different energy companies. You may use this information to choose the cheapest option, thus saving you money."

A very short poems about energy conservation?

SAVE ENERGYsave energy! save energy!save it to save mansave energy! save energy!save it all while you can.remember, it isn't too latetreat energy as your mateso that we can all live happilyand enjoy our life, merrily!

Slogans on save energy?

save energy,save money,save the plants

How does wind energy help you save fossil fuels?

Global warming is a myth.

Why is it that reusing plastics can save the mother earth?

Reusing plastics can save the earth because the manufacturing of plastic is very hazardous to us. If we reuse it, then the manufacturing will be less and hence, the emission of harmful substances will be reduced.

Are plastics produced with the help of bacteria?


What are the advantages of recycling plastics?

. Recycling plastics and making them into new products makes alot of money and thousands of new products are made daily. According to For every 1 ton of plastic that is recycled we save the equivalent of 2 people's energy use for 1 year

Do you no three Rs that help save energy and natural resources?

reduce,reuse, and recycle

What is the true meaning of Earth Day?

To save energy! Also, to help the planet and the oceans.