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They get a signed warrant from a judge to tap phones/cell phones. They have to prove to the judge that there is reasonable cause to do this before they can get the warrant. Under the Homeland Protection Act some of the protections against tapping phones are weaker than they use to be so it is easier to get the warrant.

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Q: How do police tap cell phones?
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How do you know if the police tap your phones and cell phones?

You won't. This information is not public record and is never released. Unless you are conducting criminal activity in which they might be interested you have nothing to worry about.

Do police tap mobile phones through sim card?

yes of course, if they are suspecious on you.

Why do the police tap phones?

One. because the can. two. if they are suspicious. three. if they think that you are guilty for something

Can you pick up cell phone conversations with your police scanner?

you cant. doing so requires special equipment more advanced than a police scanner. police in some areas use cell phones over their radio for privacy issues. for example if police are busting a party for underage drinking, they use cell phones to communicate so that anyone who has a scanner cant warn everyone to run or not answer the door. police scanners use radio waves, cell phones are on a different frequency. cell phones now also use encryption.

Is it legal to tap cell phones in Mississippi?

Tapping a phone line requires a warrant.

Can the police track cell phones?

The police and other law enforcement agencies can and do track or triangulate cell phone calls. There are some that try to get around this by buying prepaid disposable phones which make it very hard for the police to track. But triangulation of cell phone calls can be tracked to neighboring cell towers.

How do police communicate with their department?

Radios, cell phones, and computers using a cell phone link.

Can police tap your phone when they have search warrant?

A search warrant is a different type of warrant, BUT with a specific phone tap warrant the police can listen in on your phone calls. Be aware however, that "cordless" and cell phones, operate on public radio frequencies assigned by the Federal Communications Commission. ANYONE, with the proper equipment to do so, can listen to these conversations.

Why cell phones should be in school?

for emergency responders, like the police, the firefighters, or the ambulance

What is green cell phones?

Green cell phones are newer phones that are not yet that popular. These phones are able to be solar charged by the sun so you do not need to tap into an electrical outlet ever during daylight. This helps lessen the impact of energy consumption which accounts for most pollution in the world.

Can police tap cell phones?

Yes they can. All cell phone providers ensure that all Base Stations are 'enabled' to allow the Police/Inst Security Depts to listen in, and that too without any appreciable drop in quality of the phone call. Various countries have restrictions on listening with and without 'judicial' approval, but to answer your question--- YES.

Does an employer have to tell you they are tapping your cell phone?

It would be illegal for an employer or anyone else to tap your cell phone since lawfully there is no law on tapping cell phones. However the technology is readily available for them to tap your cell phone, but they can't legally use it against you.

How are cell phones used for security?

There are two main ways that cell phones are used for security. First, people with mobile phones can call emergency services to call the police. Second, providers of private security services often use cell phones as walkie-talkies to communicate with their co-workers.

How are cell phones helpful in emergencies?

you can call for help (fire department, police department, etc;)

What cant the police do according to the fourth amendment?

Search laptops and cell phones without a warrant

Why police use mobile phones?

Police use mobile phones for the same reason you do; for quick and easy communications with pretty much anyone. The exception to this is in the event of a major disaster that interrupts police and emergency services communications, cell phones are considered a backup for normal police communications. In non-emergency situations, cell phones are not a secure means of communications, and can be eavesdropped upon and used to locate the caller. As such, these are never an official means of first responder and emergency services communications.

Are there cell phones especially designed for seniors?

There are cell phones for seniors. Most seniors prefer cell phones with limited options. The best cell phones for senior citizens can be found at

What good are cell phones for people?

Cell phones allow people to stay in constant contact with one another. They can be used in emergencies to contact fire and police departments. Cell phones now have picture and video taking possible plus one can even access the internet with their phone.

Is it cellphones or cell phones?

cell phones

How have cell phones helped your world?

how cellphones have helped our world is by if there is a emergency you can call the police on your cellphone and get help.

Where it was invented the cell phones?

who invented the cell phones was me..

Who were the cell phones available to?

who where cell phones available to

How did thy discover cell phones?

No one discovered cell phones. Someone named Dr.Martin Cooper invented cell phones. No one discovered cell phones. Someone named Dr.Martin Cooper INVENTED cell phones.

Reasons why you should be able to bring cell phones to school?

if someone comes to school with a gun, you can call the police

Why should 5th graders have cell phones?

They can save or if your child got lost, they can simply call police or parents.