How do projectors work?

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There are two types of projectors: The two types of projectors are LCD and DLP.


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The way this places an image on a screen is fascinating and not nearly as complex as you might imagine. A bulb is set up to shine a fairly powerful light through a prism. The prism splits the light into its component colors and these are sent through small LCD screens. The screens themselves are sent signals to allow just so much of the light through at specific pixel locations. The light is then beamed through a lens onto a screen where the images can be seen by the human eye.


DLP, or Digital Light Processing is a bit more complex. This time the light is shined through a spinning color wheel onto a chip that is mounted with hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors. The mirrors are turned off or on by electronic impulses according to the need for the color at that moment. Even though only one color is shown at a time, one color follows another so quickly that the primary colors seem to blend into the appropriate color. The image appears to be constantly lit, when in fact small parts of it are constantly flickering. This technology was developed by Texas Instruments and is based on an older technology that was used for color television in the 1950s.

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Q: How do projectors work?
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I have one of those spy remotes and sad to say it did not work on the projectors that I tried them on. I have a lot of those small remotes and none of mine worked on any projectors.

Can smartphones work with projectors?

Yes, the new ones such as samsung galaxy note or s3 with adapter will work with HD TV and also projectors with hdmi in.

Will super8 movie film work on an 8mm projector?

super8 works on super8 and 8mm on 8mm projectors, some projectors do have a switch to go from one to another

What field of work would projectors and screens be used in?

Projectors and screens are used in businesses and in office situations where conferences and meetings are often used. This could be most fields of work but is possibly more likely to be a consultancy type of business.

When was Dirty Projectors created?

Dirty Projectors was created in 2002.

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Infocus projectors are made for the office, home, classroom, and for all presentation needs. Infocus projectors can also be useful in churches and the courtroom. The projectors are for presentation purposes.

Are portable digital projectors useful?

Digital projectors can be very useful, depending on what you need to use it for. This would be ideal if you have to do numerous presentations for work, for example, but would rather not use power point.

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LCD projectors are by far the best

Does the Epson PowerLite 720 LCD Projector work with DVDs?

The Epson PowerLite projectors work great with DVDs, especially at 720p.

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Some common brands of multimedia projectors include Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, Epson, Sharp and Optima. These range from small- pico projectors, to large venue projectors.

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Most projectors have the means to be a rear and front projection system. The only projectors that are unable to do this are the cheaper projectors you find at Office Depot used for powerpoint shows.

Are LCD projectors pright enough for a conferance room?

Yes, make sure you get one with a high brightness rating, but most new projectors made for businesses work great in full light rooms.

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