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Q: How do sand silt clay and hummus settle in layers?
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What order will sand gravel and clay settle in water?

gravel at the bottom,then sand then clay

What would settle first clay rocks sand or water?

Clay because it's lighter.

What is more permeable sand or clay?

Sand is far and away more permeable than clay. Water poured into sand disappears in moments. Clay layers in the earth can effectively block the penetration of moisture. Big time.

What is the rock that have been formed by layers of sand dirt and clay called?

Sedimentary is the rock

What is the word that means sand or particles settle out of wind or water and form layers?


What are the major layers found in mature soils?

There are many layers, or horizons, in soul. The tree main types of rock layers are sand, silt, and clay.

How is clay different from sand?

Clay is soft and sand is like sand water

Suppose sand gravel and clay are being carried by a river As the water enters a lake and slows down In what order will these sediments settle out of the water?

the sediment could change in order bto the types of erosions. as a river slows larger pieces settle first gravel settes first, then sand, and then tiny clay sized clay particles

What is clay sand?

Clay Sand is kind of like clay but, it's small tiny bits of clay. It looks like sand that you find on a beach!

Can sand and clay roll into a ball?

Yes if the sand is on the clay it can roll even if the sand was not on the clay.The clay can still roll.

Which is more permeable sand silt and clay?


What layers are permeable loose soil sand gravel hard clay solid rock?

I is Soil. Because of the cracks and spaces.

Highly impermeable layers such as compacted clay or shale are known as?

Highly impermeable layers such as clay or shale are referred to as an aquitard. While permeable sand and limestone that can transmitt large amounts of water to a well are referred to as an aquifer.

How do you make clay on alchemy game on droid?

Swamp + sand = clay it is really... Mud+sand = clay

What is sediment deposited by wind in layers?

Could be loess, eolian dunes, or stratified windblown dunes, or sand dunes. The sediments could include sand, clay, silt, or loess.

How does loess deposite form?

Sediment that is finer than sand, such as particles of clay and silt, is sometimes deposited in layers far from its source.

What is more porous sand or clay?


Which has a higher density Clay or Sand?


Which have higher cec-sand and clay?


Which is thickest clay silt or sand?


Which is harder to compact sand or clay?


How do you create clay on alchemy iphone?

Water + stone = sand Sand + swamp = clay

What is inside sand mud and clay which is 3 types of soil?


What is the Role of clay in moulding sand?

Clay is introduced to the sand for the sand to help mantain its shape when forming. and it make the mould hard and to retain the casting the clay is tow types one is active clay and dead clay

How do you make clay in Alxemy?