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Satellites orbit celestial bodies because the force of gravity (always attractive) is balanced with the satellites forward momentum. Think of it as constantly falling over the edge of the Earth. In other words, if you could hit a Golf ball far and fast enough, it would fall over the edge of Earth and keep going. If you remove gravity, it would shoot off into space in a straight line. If you remove forward momentum, it will fall to the ground. (see link) == ==

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Q: How do satellites work?
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How does satellites work?

they work by the people on earth they use a control button to keep the satellites working

How do artificial satellites work in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, artificial satellites work as transmitters. These transmit cellular phone communications, Internet, weather observation, television channels' signals, and navigation.

How do artificial satellites work?

They usually get their energy from the Sun, but they may also have a nuclear reactor. That's how they get their energy; how they work in detail would depend on what they are supposed to do. There are satellites for many different purposes.

How does the gps work?

Theb GPs receives signals from satellites.

What are the types of artificial satellites?

There are nine types of artificial satellites. Here is the list: Astronomical satellites, Biosatellites satellites, Communication satellites, Miniaturized Satellites, Navigational satellites, Reconnaissance satellites, Earth observation satellites, Space stations, and Weather satellites.

Why There is no work done when satellite rotate around earth?

Lots of work is done with/by/ and for satellites are in orbit.

How does a GPS (Global Positioning System) work?

A GPS works by satellites that are located in outer space. These satellites are connected with cameras that show the whole earth. You GPS and the satellites systems are working together to provide maps for you.

What kind of help do satellites give car drivers and airplane pilots?

Navigation. The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides location and time information for anywhere on the Earth via a series of satellites in geostationary orbits. The time it takes for the driver/pilot to send a signal to the satellites and receive it back again can be used to work out how far away you are from the satellites, which is used to work out where you are.

What are the applications of modern physics in your daily lives?

GPS and handphones can work because of the satellites, and satellites makes use of special relativity(modern physics) to calculate the time dilation which ensures the satellites sends useful and accurate information.

What type of work are done on deploying satellites?

put dynamite in space XD

How do television satellites work?

there are satellite transmitters in space that send singnals to earth

How many satellites have all planets?

this is a good question.scientists and astronomers should work on this.

Why do private companies and the government work together to launch satellites?

They are all posh

How do gps satellites work?

Scientists can monitor changes in elevation as well as horizontal movement along faults using a network of Earth-orbiting satellites called GPS.

What are ring satellites?

No, because rings are not satellites, but the moons are satellites.

What are the satellites of Venus?

Venus does not have satellites.Venus has no natural satellites.

How do satilites work?

Different satellites do different type of work - for example, serve as communication links, spying, check the weather, etc.

How many minimum satellites are required for a Gis device to work?

a GPS device will need at least 3 satellite locks to work.

Are there satellites on Uranus?

No, there are not satellites on Uranus.

What are the satellites for mercury?

Mercury has no satellites.

Does Saturn have satellites or robots?


Are there satellites on Saturn?

Specifically, yes there are satellites that orbit Saturn. The satellites are the moons of Saturn.

How many satellites does Venus have?

Venus has no natural satellites (moons)Venus a planet has no moons or satellites.Venus has no natural satellites.

What would happen if there were no satellites?

Mobile internet, calling, and our global positioning system would not work.

What geometric shape do satellites create in order yo make a GPS work?

69 hohoh