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junge Mädchen and why didnt u use Google translate u stupido

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female jew: Jüdin

male jew: Jude

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Q: How do say young girl in German?
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How do you greet a young German girl?

Depending on how young the girl is you would be more informal with her. You address her with "du" and say "Hallo" instead of "Guten Tag".

What is the German word for boy and girl?

Since in German young and boy have nearly the same meaning, you can just say "Junge" and already someone would know that it's a young boy with saying young.

How do you say the nationality of German for a boy and a girl in french?

Allemand (german boy) Allemande (german girl)

How do you say my girl in German?

My girl - mein Mädchen.

How do you say 'girl' in German?

"Girl" translates as "Mädchen" Madchen

How does The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank portray German soldiers?

German soldiers were not all supportive of Hitler.

How do you say My Little Girl in German?

My Little girl = Mein kleines Mädchen

How do you say you are a sissy girl in German?

weibisches Mädel

How do you say Girl Scounts in the German language?


How do you say young dog in German?

Junger HundWelpe (puppy)

How do you say girl in Spanish?

Girl is "chica" in Spanish. A very young girl would be "niña" (which is a baby girl). A young lady (unmarried) is a "señorita."

How do you say i love that girl in German?

I love that girl = ich liebe das Mädchen