How do seeds grow into plants?


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seeds should first form roots then they grow stems and then the grow leaves and after that they sprout shoots then they grow bigger then they become a plant.

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names of plants which do grow from seeds?

Most plants grow by seeds but some can be split and grow from the cuttings. Mosses and liverworts do not produce seeds.

New plants grow from seeds.

fruits have the seeds inside them and when the seeds spread the seeds grow in to plants.

The primary purpose of seeds is procreation (plants grow from the seeds they produce).

all plants that reproduce with seeds

Seeds grow into new plants.

Potato plants produce flowers, fruits and seeds. Yet never grow from seeds because potato seeds are very week. They rarely grow into plants. Hope this answer helps you!

All plants grow from seeds.

No, the beans are the seeds for the plants they grow on. Pinto beans grow pinto bean plants, lima beans grow lima bean plants, etc.

That is imposible you need seeds to grow plants even though oranges are fruit but you need seeds for them to grow

yes some plants grow from bulbs

Plants grow from the roots and seeds germinate in the roots as well.

yes.. some plants grow from other techniques inspite of seeds. rose plant, sugar cane.. they grow from a technique known as "grafting"

Because you know how your a baby and you need to grow up that's kinda how seeds are to plants seeds are the baby versions of plants

No, male marijuana plants do not have seeds. They can only provide pollen to the female plants who in turn can produce seeds. These seeds can both grow into male or female plants.

Well plants with out seeds are actually man made so they dont make seeds because of that but if they are organic for some plants it might grow faster it just depends on the plant really

No. The vast majority of seeds do not survive to become new plants.

Daisies can and plants.

Ferns and mosses grow from spores.

No not most of them have seeds because most of them grow with seeds and most do

The seeds will germinate and grow into young plants, and perpetuate the species.

no it does not a plant can reproduce without a seed

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